How To Hard Factory Reset the HTC U11

Need to perform a factory reset on your HTC U11? It happens to everyone. There are a couple of ways to perform a master reset on your phone, but make sure to back up your data before you try one. Factory resets will delete most of your smartphone data.

How To Hard Factory Reset the HTC U11

Method 1 – From Settings

This is one of the easiest ways to hard reset your HTC U11. Follow these simple steps to restore your phone to its new state before you powered it on for the first time.

Step One – Access Reset

First, from the Home screen swipe up to access your general Settings menu. From Settings, tap on “Backup & reset.”

Select “Factory data reset” from your various options. If you don’t want your phone to wipe data from your external storage card, make sure that you do not select “Erase SD card” among your options.

Step Two – Hard Reset Phone

When you are ready, tap “Reset phone.” You will also see a prompt to “Erase everything.” Tap this to continue with the hard reset.

Method 2 – From Powered Down Mode

Performing a hard reset from a powered down phone is a little more involved. Take a look at these steps to do a master reset on your HTC U11 smartphone.

Step One – Power Down Phone

To do this method, your phone needs to be powered down completely. Turn off your phone by pressing and holding the Power button for a few seconds.

Step Two – Access Download Mode

Next, after your phone is powered down, press and hold both Volume Down and Power buttons. Do this for a couple of seconds until you see the display for Download Mode. When it appears, release the keys.

Step Three – Access Bootloader Mode

From the Download Mode screen, select Bootloader Mode. To select this option, use the Volume keys to scroll up and down. Use the Power button to select this option.

Step Four – Access Recovery Mode

Once you’ve selected Bootloader Mode, pick the Recovery option. This will reboot your HTC U11 into recovery mode

Step Five – Resetting Your Phone

This next step is the point of no return. From Recovery, select “wipe data factory reset” and confirm your selection.

When prompted, pick “Yes” to delete all user data. If you choose “No,” your phone will not factory reset.

Lastly, wait while your phone completes the hard reset. After it is done, go back into the Recovery main menu. Select “Reboot system now” to finalize your master reset.

Final Thoughts

Do you need to do a hard reset? If your phone is unresponsive or frozen, a simple soft reset may be sufficient to get your phone running again. Soft resets don’t erase data from your smartphone.

However, if you need to wipe out your data or you have software malfunctions, a hard reset may be your only solution. A factory reset deletes most of your phone’s data. So you may want to make sure you have sufficiently backed up your information before applying a factory reset.

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