How To Hard Factory Reset the Oppo A37

Performing a factory reset of your phone is good for a few reasons. For one, a factory reset can help you deal with malware and other software issues. If you want to sell or give your phone away, you also need to do a factory reset to get rid of your personal data.

How To Hard Factory Reset the Oppo A37

However, you should know that this process is irreversible. Once you’ve completed a factory reset, there is no way to restore your information unless you perform a backup first. This is why it’s crucial to back up your Oppo A37 before you initiate the factory reset.

Doing a Backup

One of the easiest ways to back up your Oppo A37 is to perform a local backup on your phone. The destination of the backup files should be an SD card because the information stored on the SD card is not affected by the factory reset.

To do a local backup, you need to take the following steps:

1. Launch the Settings App and Select Additional Settings

2. Tap Back Up and Reset and Select Local Backup

3. Tap on Create New Backup

4. Check All the Data and Tap Start Backup

When the process is complete, check the backup log to confirm you’ve successfully backed up your data. You may also want to remove your Google accounts because Google may ask for permissions when you restart the phone after the reset.

Doing a Factory Reset

Performing a hard reset on your Oppo A37 is very easy. Here are the steps you should follow:

1. Turn Off Your device

Hold down the Power button until the Slide to Power Off option appears on your screen. Slide to the right to turn off your phone.

2. Hold Volume Down and Power Buttons

After you turn off the smartphone, press and hold Power and Volume Down buttons until the Oppo logo appears on the screen.

3. Select English

When you see the Oppo logo, you can release the buttons. A menu will show up asking you to select the preferred language. Tap on English to select it.

4. Select Wipe Data

Tap on Wipe Data in the ColorOS RECOVERY menu to initiate the factory reset process. In addition to tapping, you can also use the Volume rockers to navigate these menus and press the Power button to confirm.

5. Select One of the Options

There are three options you can choose from: Wipe Application Data (Keep SMS and Contacts), Wipe All Application Data, and Wipe All Data and Removable Applications. To have a full factory reset, you should choose Wipe All Data and Removable Applications.

6. Tap OK to Confirm

After you’ve selected Wipe All Data and Removable Application, a pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm your selection. You should tap on OK to start removing all the data from your Oppo A37.

7. Check the Pop-up Window

When the process is finished, another pop-up window will appear confirming the reset. Tap on OK in this pop-up window.

8. Your Oppo A37 Will Reboot

After the reboot, you can restore the data from your phone using the backup files you created earlier.


If your Oppo A37 is not responding to the commands listed above, you can also initiate a factory reset from your PC. However, if you opt for this method, there is no option to back up your files. This is why it is wise to do regular backups of your Android device.

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