10 hottest products for Millennials – Denon AH-MM400 headphones

What are they?

Denon’s AH-MM400 are a great pair of headphones which offer superb sound, a brilliant build quality and which are portable enough to take everywhere. If you want to hear your music with astounding quality while not paying through the nose, these are the ones to buy.

Why should you buy them?

When you’re spending this kind of money – £200 – on a pair of headphones, there’s an expectation that they’ll do more than just sound good. Denon has clearly decided that this kind of person wants earpieces crafted from wood (American walnut, naturally), aluminium, and luxurious-looking cuts of leather. This could have very easily resulted in a bad day in the DFS showroom, but the AH-MM400 have emerged looking rather tasteful. In fact, they look incredible – a long way from the cliched black plastic you’ll find on most headphones in this price range.

The AH-MM400’s adjustable headband and earpieces manage to feel sturdy in all the right ways, largely thanks to the liberal use of aluminium rather than plastic, yet they still fold up nice and small. Squeeze them into the supplied carry bag and, while you’ll struggle to get them in any normal-sized pocket, they won’t take up much room in a bag.

The big benefit of the AH-MM400’s closed-back design is that they naturally block out a lot of background noise. They’re obviously not in active noise-cancelling territory, but the whine of air-conditioning units and nearby conversations are instantly dulled as you put them on. Even standing next to the clatter of a rush-hour Tube train, there’s no need to crank the volume high to stop the music from being drowned out.

The Denons sound immensely rich and spacious – there’s no sense of the music feeling compressed or crunched down in scale, which helps make the most of orchestral works and reverb-laden electronica alike. Guitars, drums and vocals swim out front, and stretch wide left and right across an invisible stage. Out of the box, they just sound right – if you want a set of relatively compact, brilliant-sounding headphones, then Denon’s AH-MM400 come very highly recommended indeed.

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