How AirTags Work

AirTags help you keep an eye on your essential belongings. You can easily attach this tiny gadget to important items like your backpack or pet’s collar. AirTags have revolutionized how to keep your stuff tracked at all times.

How AirTags Work

However, not everybody understands how they work. This article explains how AirTags work and how you can use them to locate your essential belongings.

Learn How AirTags Works

AirTags are designed to communicate with all sorts of iOS devices. They connect using Bluetooth Low Energy with nearby devices. This makes it easy for you to locate an item using the “Find My Network” application.

This application is a crowd-sourced network made up of millions of iOS devices across the globe. When using an AirTag from Apple, it uses the iOS network to help you locate an item.

Most AirTags don’t feature a GPS chip, and they don’t store location data. The application only helps you locate your item and doesn’t have a database to save the information. When the AirTag is within the range of a given iOS device, it will display in “Find My App.”

In addition, you can use the application to play a sound on the AirTag to identify its latest location. When the AirTag is out of range of the iOS devices, it uses “Find My Network” to transmit location information to the nearest iOS device.

All the information transmission of an AirTag is done through a network of iOS devices. This is why Apple AirTags don’t work with any other device to locate lost or misplaced items.

How an AirTag Works in Lost Mode

When your AirTag isn’t close by, you can turn it on to Lost Mode. The AirTag will immediately notify you when it’s discovered by any other device within the “Find My Network” range. When the AirTag is separated from the owner, it relies on any nearby iOS device when the “Find My App ” is open.

The owner is automatically notified of the location of the device, and they can have the AirTag play a sound to locate it. This makes it easier to access your items even if you have lost track of them.

AirTag users can set their contact information to make scanning easier using any smartphone compatible with NFC. The person can then contact you to clarify the location of your AirTag.

This feature also limits the number of people who can learn about the location of the AirTag. As a result, it enhances the security of your belongings since nobody else can learn about the AirTag’s whereabouts.

Using AirTags for Luggage

Lost luggage is a common issue when traveling. AirTags can help you keep an eye on your bags at all times. The AirTag can be attached to your luggage in a secure manner. The gadget automatically connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It also operates in collaboration with your device’s “Find My Network” application.

After attaching the gadget to your luggage, you can easily track it down when it gets lost. The AirTag will automatically notify you when the luggage gets lost and give directions on how to track it. The gadget also has settings that alert you if the luggage goes out of range.

The robust waterproof materials make AirTags an effective option to track items regardless of the nature of the surroundings.  

Although AirTags offers a more convenient method of tracking your essentials, they also operate based on the Bluetooth range. They rely on the “Find My Network” application, which comprises multiple devices that minimize the chances of the luggage going out of range.

The interconnected network of Apple devices makes it easy for AirTags to communicate with your iPhone. Once you attach an AirTag to your luggage, your essential items will be safe and secure.

How AirTags Work for Long Distance

AirTags can work over long distances with the aid of the “Find My Network” application. The application incorporates a network of Apple devices, so it becomes easier for you to track your items. The gadget communicates with the “Find My Network” through Bluetooth and with the support of the “Find My App” feature.

The information is then transmitted to “Find My App,” enabling you to connect. Provided that an AirTag is within the Bluetooth range of any iOS device, it can communicate passively, enabling you to connect.

The most important thing to note is that the operating range of an AirTag is limited to the Bluetooth range of approximately 30 meters.

How AirTags Work for Pets

AirTags help monitor your pets. The gadget generates a signal that communicates to your iPhone. The device then translates the signal using its inbuilt GPS and Bluetooth to identify the location of the AirTag.

Once a pet is lost, you can use “Find My App” to locate the AirTag. The application will give you a map showing its exact location. You can set the AirTag to play a sound to help you find your pet easily.

This will help you keep an eye on your pets, and also offers an effective way to enhance safety at home.


Can an Apple AirTag work with Android?

No. Apple AirTags can’t work with devices powered by Android. The Apple AirTag only pairs with an Apple ID available on iOS and Mac devices.

Does an Apple AirTag charge?

Most Apple AirTags aren’t rechargeable since they have a non-rechargeable Lithium-on CR2032 coin cell battery. The is replaced when the original battery dies.

How far away does AirTags work from?

An AirTag can work from a long distance, although it relies on other iOS devices. However, the devices should be in a proximity of 10 meters when using Bluetooth connectivity.

Can AirTags be used in water?

Yes. AirTags are waterproof; you can comfortably dip them in water without getting spoiled. They are used in all- weather conditions to track the location of your items.

Use AirTags to Track Your Essentials

AirTags have a successful track record for finding the location of essential items. If you have a tendency to forget important stuff, they might just be a livesafer. Get an AirTag today and elevate the safety of your belongings.

Do you know how AirTags work? Have you ever encountered any problem when using them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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