How Does the Tik Tok Algorithm Work

Tik Tok is a recent Internet sensation, an app which lets its users browse and share short interesting videos. It is not brand new, as it launched in late 2016. Most of its users are very young, aged 18 to 30. In case you are a little older, that may be the reason you have not heard about it yet.

How Does the Tik Tok Algorithm Work

This app originated in China, where it is known as Douyin. Naturally, the bulk of its users are from China, over 300 million of them, but it spread like wildfire throughout the rest of Asia, including countries like Japan and Thailand.

Tik Tok grabbed everyone’s attention when it took over, a similar app which was very popular in the U.S. and India. Now it has more than 500 million users worldwide. The secret to Tik Tok’s success is in its algorithms. Read on if you would like to know more.

How Tik Tok Works

Tik Tok brings the social media app experience to a new level. It is not revolving only around the content posted by your friends or the people you follow, like Instagram or Facebook. When you launch the app you are not immediately going to see what your friends post. Instead, you will see the “For You” page.

Tik Tok Algorithm Work

The content of this page is generated through algorithms which take into account the videos you have previously seen, liked or shared. It is the ultimate time killer and very addictive because it never runs out of content.

The algorithm is programmed to adapt and tailor the feed specifically for you. It will present you videos with content you presumably like and enjoy. There are plenty of niches on the platform, like gaming or comedy and you can adapt your feed to show you your niche exclusively if you play the same type of videos over and over again.

The Basics

Here is what you can expect when you launch the app. Your “For You” feed will be filled with videos that will play automatically, in full-screen resolution. Another great thing about Tik Tok is that you can add music to your videos. Videos last up to 15 seconds, which is not a long time.

Everybody tries to be creative and fun to watch. You can add many effects and filters to the videos. You can also browse content via search or follows if you have something or someone specific in mind. Most people stick to their feeds because it is the easiest and most engaging way to use the app.

The majority of content on Tik Tokrevolves around funny videos. Think of it as an improved version of Vines. You will see lots of memes on Tik Tok, wholesome content, while some of it will be cringe-worthy and hard to look at.

Tik Tok

What Makes Tik Tok Stand Out

Tik Tok differs from the rest of the popular social media apps. It is very refreshing because it is not generic, its feed does not rely on a friend or follower system. There are many popular accounts on the app, which are even promoted by Tik Tok.

You can message your friends and share content with them but it is not the main aspect of Tik Tok. People compare this app to Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Vines, and Twitter. There are definitely similarities, but Tik Tok improved on most of the features they share.

For example, hashtags which are an integral part of Twitter serve a different purpose on Tik Tok. They do not show what is trending in the world, but rather some viral challenges, running jokes, and other trending stuff on the app itself.

How to Manipulate the Algorithm

Many platforms use advanced algorithms to grab and keep your attention. The biggest examples are YouTube and Instagram. Tik Tok is similar to both of these giants in that it recommends you videos based on what you have already seen.

Tik Tok Algorithm

In order to switch things up, you should use the search bar and look for hashtags, creators or sounds that interest you. Instead of staying in the same loop and digest the feed you are not interested in, you can dictate what is presented to you.

Good Luck and Have Fun

Enjoy your browsing because Tik Tok is made exactly for that purpose. You can like or post whatever you want or like, without the fear of judgment from your peers. In Tik Tok, you are surrounded by people similar to you and your interests.

Just keep in mind that this stuff is highly addictive and hours can pass by in a flash. You can restrict your app time within the app if you lack the strength of will.

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