How To Backup the Moto Z2 Force

Keeping a safe copy of your personal data can be very reassuring. You won’t worry as much about misplacing your phone if you know that you have backups of your photos, videos, and personal conversations. Additionally, storage space constraints become less annoying when you know that you can delete files if necessary.

How To Backup the Moto Z2 Force

But what’s the best way to make backups on your Moto Z2 Force?

Making Backups to Your Google Drive

Here is how you can store backups on your Google account if your Moto Z2 Force is fully updated and using the Android 8.0 (Oreo) operating system.

Go into Settings

Swipe up from the home screen to find your Settings app.

Select System

Tap on Backup

Switch On Back Up to Google Drive

This is a toggle and you should keep it switched on. If you switch it off, the data will get deleted from your Google account.

But your Moto Z2 Force may be using the OS it was released with, which was Android 7.1.1. (Nougat). In this case, here is how you make backups:

Go into Settings

Select Backup & Reset

Select Back Up My Data

This will switch backups on.

Automatic syncing is extremely useful in case your phone disappears or gets damaged. However, you should keep in mind that the data you delete on your phone will also disappear from your backups if you rely on syncing alone.

Back Up to a Different Google Account

Every Google account has 15 GB of free storage. Hence, it might be a good idea to divide your backups across multiple accounts. For example, you can back up your apps and contacts to one Google account and store your photos on another one.

Here is how you can choose what syncs to which account:

Go into Settings

Choose Accounts

Select Google

Here, you can choose from a list of all the Google accounts you have used from your phone. Your data will be listed with checkboxes so you can check what you want to sync.

You can also add more Google accounts to the list:

Settings > Accounts > Google > Add Account

Enter the email address and password of your new account. You can also do this from the Gmail app:

Open Gmail

Tap on More

This icon is in the upper left corner.

Select Settings

Add Account

Creating Backups on Your PC

In addition to syncing your data with your Google account, you may want to periodically create copies on your computer.

You can use your Bluetooth to make file transfers. Here is how you can turn Bluetooth on:

Go into Settings

Tap on Bluetooth to Turn It On

Select the Device Your Want to Connect to

Bluetooth has to be enabled on your computer, laptop, or tablet.

If Necessary, Tap on PAIR

There might also be a passkey you need to use, such as 0000.

Transfer Your Files

When the connection is established, you can copy your files to the new device.

If you prefer to avoid Bluetooth, you can also use a USB cable to make this transfer. In this case, you can use your computer’s file manager to select what you want to back up.

A Final Thought

There are also backup apps you can look into. While these apps aren’t necessary, they can make it easier to find and select everything you want to make a copy of.

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