How To Block Pop-Up Adverts On Android

Android is widely used for its customization options, the OS gives users the ability to personalize their devices nearly any way they want. Opposed to Apple’s iOS, Android has a slightly more complicated interface making it more difficult for new users to adapt and learn.

One of Android’s quirks is pop-up ads. Due to the open platform, pop-ups can become more than a nuisance, they can actually indicate a bigger security issue with your Android device. If you’re having problems with Pop-up ads, this article is for you.

Pop-Ups – Google Chrome

Pop-up ads are nothing new for web browsers. Fortunately, Google Chrome offers a simple solution for Android users. Let’s review how to disable pop-up advertisements on your Google Chrome browser via Android.

Access the Chrome Settings

Open up Chrome’s settings by tapping the “three dots” (⋮) icon in the top right, and then tapping “settings”.

Tap ‘Site Settings’

On the screen that opens up, scroll down to “Site settings” and press it.

Disable Pop-ups

Scroll down to “Pop-ups” and press it to enable or disable pop-ups.

Enabling these pop-up blockers means you can read the news, watch videos, and enjoy social media without any interruptions from annoying advertisements.

Pop-Ups – Other Browsers

If you prefer another browser, here’s a list of options for removing pop-ups.

Samsung Internet

To enable a pop-up blocker on Samsung Internet, you will need to open the browser and click on the three horizontal lines in the lower left-hand corner. Tap on ‘Ad Blockers’ and click the ‘Download’ symbol. Once downloaded, toggle the blocker on and you’re all set.

Mozilla for Android

Mozilla unfortunately doesn’t have a native blocker for the Android version of the browser. There are third-party apps that you can explore if you’re an avid Mozilla user.

Pop-Ups – Android Phone

If you’re an Android user it isn’t uncommon to have pop-up advertisements on your home screen. These pop-ups appear when you’re trying to answer phone calls, play games, or even navigate through your phone’s settings.

What causes an advertisement to pop-up on your Android device? Third-party apps of course! Generally, those utility apps that you’ve added (calculators, flashlights, or even home screen launchers) are the perpetrators of such an invasion, but it can be other apps too. They can drain your battery life, make your phone heat up, or even crash your OS. Let’s review what to do if the pop-up ads are showing up on your phone.

Open Device Settings

Navigate to the top of your phone’s screen (you may have to use the pull-down menu) and tap on the ‘Settings’ cog.

Tap on ‘Apps’

Scroll down and tap on ‘Apps.’ Those using older Android versions may need to tap on ‘Application Manager.’

Delete Applications

Tap on third-party apps that you no longer use, or that you’ve added around the time that the ads began to appear and tap the option to remove them.

Tips For Finding the Culprit App

Fortunately, finding the app that’s causing pop-ups on your phone isn’t as difficult as it once was but it’s still going to take a little leg-work. Here are a few ideas for finding the application that’s causing random pop-ups on your device:

  • Visit the Google Play Store and run a Play Protect Scan – When you open the Play Store on your device, tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner. From there, tap ‘Play Protect’ and then ‘Scan.’ The scan may not detect every bad app on your phone, but it’s a good place to start.
  • Check your battery health – Head over to settings and tap on your device’s battery health option. You can see which apps are using more battery than others. If the app is third-party, utility, a launcher, and not a common app (like Twitter, a reputable news source, etc.) it is probably the app causing mayhem on your device.
  • Use ‘Safe Mode’ to remove nuisance apps – Hold down the power button and tap on ‘Safe Mode’ when the option appears. Safe Mode allows you to navigate your phone running only the native apps and software. This means you won’t be interrupted by pop-ups during the app removal process.

Are Pop-ups dangerous?

While the majority of pop-ups aren’t dangerous, they can indicate an underlying issue. Unless you’re actively clicking on pop-ups, following links, and downloading software, you should be fine. It’s still a good idea to turn them off regardless.

What about Pop-Up blocking apps?

There are plenty of apps available in the Play Store that help block ads. AdBlock for Samsung is a fairly popular ad blocker for Samsung devices that appears to work with minimal adverse effects. Before downloading any apps, be sure to read the reviews, doing this gives you an idea if that particular app is going to work for you.

My home screen changed when I started seeing ads. What happened?

If your home screen changed around the time you started experiencing pop-ups, your problem is what’s known as a “launcher.” A launcher is downloaded onto your phone from a third-party source and can be a great asset for customizing your home screen and app drawer. But, they can cause problems.

To rectify this, you must first go into your phone’s ‘Settings,’ tap on ‘Display,’ and set your default home screen to the factory home screen. Once done, you can uninstall the launcher just like any other app.

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