How to Change Your Chat Theme on Kik

Millions of users already flock to Kik for its lively group chats and fun messaging features. However, its fun customization options may be the reason they end up sticking around. If you want to stand out from the crowd on Kik, changing your profile’s look is the best way forward.

How to Change Your Chat Theme on Kik

One of the coolest ways you can add a personal touch to your time on Kik is by changing your chat theme. We’ll go over some of the best themes on Kik, where to find them, and how else you can show off your style while you chat away.

The Easiest Way to Change Your Chat Theme on Kik

It’s surprisingly simple to transform your chats on Kik. We’ll walk through the process together so you can change your look any time you feel like it.

  1. Open Kik.
  2. Head to the chat screen where all your conversations are located.
  3. Long press chat and a pop up menu will appear. Click “Chat Info”
  4. Choose “Chat Theme.” You should see a page with multiple theme options available to select from.
  5. Click on your favorite theme.

Once you’ve found a style that suits you, return to your chats and flex your new aesthetic. Send a few screenshots over to friends to show off and change your theme as many times as you like.

What Is Chat Theme on Kik?

If your chats look too dull and you’re ready for an upgrade, then it’s time to learn about Kik’s chat themes and revamp your page. Kik puts tons of effort into this feature, so there’s a lot you can do to make your page visually pop. From default themes to ones packed with color, you should be taking advantage of all the customization features that Kik has to offer.

When it comes to chat themes, you have all sorts of ways to personalize your page. You can choose between different vibrant colors, sleek designs, and even a trendy dark mode setting that’s easy on your eyes. Let’s explore those options now.

Exploring Chat Theme Options

There is a plethora of themes available to pick from. Do your research before diving into the Kik settings. Here are a few of our favorite chat themes.

  • Default Theme: This simple yet effective option has remained a classic on Kik. While still visually appealing, it maintains the level of clarity and professionalism you seek.
  • Color Themes: If you’re feeling more expressive, choose one of Kik’s bold, bright colors for your chat theme. Try to get your personality across through hues like an energizing yellow palette or relaxed cool blues.
  • Dark Mode: Some users want less color and a sleeker design. This futuristic scheme has the benefit of significant eye comfort during use, even during dark hours. This ultra-modern style is best if you’re chatting in a low-light environment.
  • Custom Themes: If you’re feeling creative and want to go beyond the given choices, you can personalize them even further. There are many more background images and color variations you can choose from to make your chat theme one-of-a-kind.

Do You Need to Buy Chat Themes?

While it’s far from mandatory to use paid chat themes, you can go even further on Kik if you’re willing to spend a few bucks. They offer premium chat themes to make your chats even more visually stunning. These themes come with intricate designs, exclusive graphics, and even animation. If you’re ready to splurge a bit, it will give you an even cooler messaging experience.

If you’d rather use the free chat themes, this is not a big deal. There are already so many designs and ways to personalize your account. Your personality and style will determine how much you care about enhancing your chat themes.

Additional Customization Options

Changing your chat theme is not the only way to make your Kik stand out. If you want to take your customization to the next level, here are some extra ways to make your Kik exclusively yours.

Chat Backgrounds

Chat themes are just the beginning. Once you’ve begun customizing your Kik, the natural next step is changing your chat background. You can upload any image, so there are infinite ways to go here.

Choose an Andy Warhol painting or a landscape from Legends of Zelda. Some users like to be reminded of home and add a famous vista or landmark from their city or country. If you don’t have any original ideas, scroll through an art museum’s web page for tons of beautiful pieces to get inspiration.

Don’t worry if this degree of choice is dizzying. Kik has thousands of its own background styles from which you can choose. There’s undoubtedly one that will work for you.

Font Styles

For added flair when chatting on Kik, think about switching up your font style. Choose between big, blocky text or a chic, pink script. There are all sorts of font types, so you can let your personality shine through the words you use.

Sticker Packs

An under-utilized way to make your chats stand out is through sticker packs. Kik has a seemingly infinite array of cartoonish images from which to choose. They have everything from adorable scenes full of cute woodland creatures to quirky expressions and witty idioms. If you want to take a serious conversation and make it lighthearted, download a pack and fire a few off.

Troubleshooting the Most Common Issues

Make sure you’ve updated both your phone and the app, in case Kik’s developers have addressed a bug that has been causing trouble recently. Outdated versions may lack certain features or encounter compatibility issues, including chat theme customization.

If this doesn’t work, clearing the app cache might do the trick. Head to your device’s settings, find the Kik app and clear its cache. This action removes temporary data that could be causing the issue.

A Fully Customized Kik

There are a million ways to showcase who you are as an individual on Kik. Change your chat theme so that your unique style comes through. Personalize your chats even further with chat backgrounds, font styles, and stickers. We promise you’ll want to stay logged in for even more hours of the day.

Have you changed your chat background to anything cool on Kik? How else have you customized your page to make it stand out? Make sure to tell us in the comment sections below.

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