How to Fuse Arrows in Tears of the Kingdom

Early in the game, “Tears of the Kingdom” offers the fusing ability to make your melee weapons inflict more damage. Once you have this power, there are countless combinations to try out. However, not all players know that you can Fuse arrows too. New and improved projectiles make for exciting and specialized combinations for better accuracy, swiftness, and damage.

How to Fuse Arrows in Tears of the Kingdom

This article will show you how to Fuse arrows in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.”

Fusing Arrows in Tears of the Kingdom

Using specialized arrows in “Tears of the Kingdom” will give you a competitive edge. For the most part, players find them littered through Hyrule. However, there’s an easier way to stock up on special arrows by fusing them from other materials.

Remember that you’ll first need to clear the In-isa Shrine before you can start using the unique fusing ability. Even then, the game focuses on melee weapons rather than arrows.

Here’s how you can start using Fuse arrows instantly:

  1. Select the “ZR” button to use your bow and notch an arrow.
  2. Instead of firing it, select the up button on the “D-Pad.”
  3. As the game directs you to a menu, scroll through the options in your inventory.
  4. Look for compatible materials, such as elemental fruits, and then select them.
  5. Select the “ZR” button again to shoot the new Fuse arrow.

Best Arrow Fusion Recipes

Players will benefit from experimenting with all types of fusion. You can use different materials when fusing your arrows; each will deliver unique properties. It’s best to try this out in a safe space, not when fighting intense battles.

For those that don’t care for experimentation, here’s a list of some of the most beneficial arrow-fusing recipes:

Fusing Arrows With Elemental Fruits

This is one of the most basic fusion options. It’s easy to get a hold of Elemental Fruits throughout the game, and the benefits are effective. For example, an arrow combined with the Fire Fruit will cause some explosion damage. Ice Fruit arrows will freeze the enemy temporarily, while Shock Fruit arrows will make them drop their weapon while also dealing damage.

Fusing Arrows With Stones and Gems

Arrow fusions with Elemental Fruits usually deal mediocre damage. However, using precious gems can give you an upgrade. Fusing your arrow with a Ruby will increase attacks substantially while also exploding. Sapphires have an ice effect, Topaz is electric, and Opal infuses your arrow with water abilities.

Players usually sell these items after finding them in the mines. Still, they can be a valuable addition to your fusion arsenal.

Fusing Arrows With a Keese Eyeball

It can be challenging to hit a moving target with your arrows. Fortunately, players can craft a homing projectile for optimal accuracy. A Keese Eyeball-infused arrow will follow your target, increasing your chance for critical hits and more damage.

Fusing Arrows With Keese Wings

Let’s say you need to hit an enemy a long distance away. An arrow drops after a while and can only reach so far. Fuse your arrows with Keese wings, and they will go further without dropping off.

Fusing Arrows and Muddle-Bud

Sometimes, it’s just easier to let your enemies fight among themselves. This is precisely what the Muddle-Bud arrow combination does for you. Once you fire it, the arrow emits a pinkish gas. As enemies come into contact, they become confused and attack anything around them. Muddle-Bud arrows are perfect for a group you don’t want to deal with alone.

Other Fusion Mixes

There are still other well-known arrow combinations that can deliver a wide range of benefits. They include Lizalfos Horns, Tails, Bomb Flowers, Bright Bloom Seeds, and Puffshrooms. They tend to deal less damage, but the effects are more specialized. For example, Puffshrooms will create a blinding cloud to surround your enemies, while Bright Bloom Seeds will light up the area they hit.

How to Unlock the Fusing Ability in Tears of the Kingdom

Fusing arrows is a tactical advantage over your enemies. All you need is a few arrows and a few Elemental Fruits. However, players must unlock the fusion ability in the first place. Doing so involves clearing the In-insa Shrine.

You can find similar shrines throughout the game, and each one will give you unique items or abilities. However, only the In-Isa gives you the fusing ability.

Here’s how you can clear the In-isa Shrine:

  1. Go to the Great Sky Island. The coordinates for this island are 0027, -1503, 1408.
  2. Interact with the shrine as you approach it and go through the portal.
  3. Talk to Rauru, and he’ll allow you to combine objects.

Once you talk to Rauru, you’ll need to continue your quest, as it will show you how to use the Fuse ability. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Keep moving straight ahead until you reach multiple stone pillars.
  2. Hold down “L” to use the Fuse ability and select one of the boulders.
  3. Press “Y” to combine it with your sword, the rock hammer.
  4. Use the item to smash apart the rocks before you, creating a way through.

Once you mine through the first obstacle above, it’ll take you through a few more stages to complete the process. You’ll be safe to experiment with fusing because there are few enemies during the adventure. Upon ending, you’ll receive a chest with five arrows you can use for fusion.


Can I only Fuse weapons in Tears of the Kingdom?

No, “Tears of the Kingdom” allows you to Fuse multiple items, not just weapons. Next to your sword and arrows, players can also Fuse items with their shields for some surprising benefits.

Can I go through Tears of the Kingdom without fusing?

Fusing is a unique ability that appears relativity early in the game after you pass the In-insa shrine. You won’t be able to complete the game without it, as certain parts can only be reached by fusing weapons with special abilities.

When reverse fusing items, will I get them back?

When you reverse Fuse, you’ll get your item back but not the material. For example, reverse fusing a Keese Eyeball and an arrow will save the arrow, but you lose the Keese Eyeball.

The Arrow Fusing Advantage

Fusing any weapon in “Tears of the Kingdom” will give you a valuable boost. But arrows are often overlooked. You can make projectiles with new abilities by using some everyday items. These include Elemental Fruits, precious gems, and mushrooms.

All you need to do is press “ZR” and then scroll through suitable fusing material using the D-pad. You can then fire your arrow just as usual. However, players must pass through the In-insa Shrine before unlocking the Fuse ability.

Did you find it easy to Fuse arrows in “Tears of the Kingdom?” Which arrow combinations do you prefer the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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