How To Get Quest Cards in Hearthstone

Ever since the “Journey to Un’Goro” expansion came out, Hearthstone received a new type of card and quest. Legendary Quests offer interesting rewards if you can meet their objective.

How To Get Quest Cards in Hearthstone

The first iteration of quests handed out card rewards. However, their reintroduction to the game changed the reward system to modifying the class’ hero power. If you’re new or returning to the game, don’t worry. Wrapping your head around the legendary quest card system isn’t that difficult.

How to Get Legendary Quest Cards in Hearthstone

There are a couple of ways you can get your hands on legendary quest cards. The easiest method is to buy packs when an expansion comes out. Your first 10 purchased packs should already give you your first legendary quest card.

After that, they become scarcer. Of course, packs aren’t free so this process may take some investment and time.

You can also craft legendary quest cards in Hearthstone, but, beware, as they are very expensive. Each card requires 1,600 Arcane Dust. As a reference, disenchanting legendary cards only grants 400 dust while epic, rare, and common cards grant 100, 20, and 5 dust respectively.

What Are Hearthstone Rewards?

Completing quests and achievements can grant you various rewards in Hearthstone. For example, after reaching a certain experience threshold in the Rewards Track, you unlock a specific reward.

You could earn cards, card packs, or gold which you can use to buy other packs. You can also earn rewards in Hearthstone by finishing introductory quests as a new player. Winning three games in either ladder grants players 10 Gold. You can earn up to 100 daily Gold if you win three sets of matches.

Even your position on the ladder brings rewards at the end of every month. Top-ranked players can receive golden epic and golden common cards.

When it comes to cards, some rewards are class-specific. You get those after leveling past specific thresholds in your class.

What Are All the Quest Cards in Hearthstone?

Since their introduction to the game, the quest card collection in Hearthstone reached a total of 23. You can find them in the following table:

Activate the ObeliskAwaken the MakersBazaar BurglaryCorrupt the Waters
Defeat the AnomaliesDraconic PotentialFire Plume’s HeartHack the System
Journey to the CatacombsJourney to the CatacombsJungle GiantsLakkari Sacrifice
Making MummiesOpen the WaygateRaid the Sky TempleSupreme Archaeology
The Caverns BelowThe Caverns BelowThe Last KaleidoscopeThe Marsh Queen
Unite the MurlocsUnseal the VaultUntapped Potential 

Additional FAQs

If you have more questions about Quest Packs, we have the answers here!

What Card Packs Should I Buy in Hearthstone?

Don’t worry if you haven’t played Hearthstone since its launch. The game changes all the time but you can always buy packs from old expansions.

With the current expansion release timeline, at one expansion every four months, players get a new card set three times per year. Each set often includes 135 brand new cards, along with cool game mechanics and new synergies.

A good buying strategy to remember is to opt for the first 10 packs of every new expansion. Hearthstone’s drop rate guarantees one legendary card drop for the first 10 packs. After that, the chances to find a legendary card get halved.

If you want some must-have card packs, take a look at the following options;

Every player who wants to experience everything Hearthstone has to offer needs the “Classic” card set. It has 245 cards, many of which are build-enabling for some classes. The set contains powerful legendary cards and very useful commons and rares.

Although this is not the highest-sought after card set, the player base agrees that newcomers should prioritize it until they complete the collection. Without this deck, there’s little chance to enjoy competitive play.

The “Descent of Dragons” pack came into play in December 2019. It’s arguably one of the best expansions in Hearthstone and contains a variety of powerful legendary cards. Surprisingly, most if not all legendary cards made it into Hearthstone’s metagame, unlike cards from other expansions.

“Saviors of Uldum” is the second-best card pack in the game. It arrived with the August 2019 expansion. Many players rely on the cards in the “Saviors of Uldum” collection as the building blocks of their decks. Epic cards in this set are particularly powerful and almost all legendary cards see action.

What Time Does New Quest Appear in Hearthstone?

To get new quests you need an open slot. If you have one, then a new quest should appear every Monday. Players receive their quests at midnight, server time. The same applies to weekly and daily quests.

How Often Do You Get Quests in Hearthstone?

Players get quest objectives every week. Completing the quests grants experience points that count in the Reward Track. Weekly quests offer more experience than daily quests, as they take longer to finish.

At the start of each week, players receive three weekly quests. One quest will earn you 2,500 XP while the other two only grant 1,750 XP. It’s possible to hold onto quests or reroll the ones you don’t like, with a limit of one reroll per day.

Hearthstone also features daily quests. Experience points range between 800 to 1,500 XP. You can get three quests every day, provided you have open slots.

Can You Give Cards in Hearthstone?

Blizzard doesn’t allow trading of cards in Hearthstone between players. It’s a large part of the reason the game is so profitable for the company. It offsets the premium model and allows Blizzard to keep its profit margins up.

However, just because you can’t trade doesn’t mean you can’t gift a pack to a friend. Hearthstone allows player-to-player gifting.

• Go to the game’s “Shop” Tab.

• Select the card pack you want to buy.

• Press the “Gift” button.

• Select the person you want to receive the pack.

• You can also search by the players’ BattleTags.

Of course, with this method, you have limited control over what cards the recipient can unpack.

The Grind Is Real

Hearthstone is a highly complex and entertaining game. It’s a hit on the Esports scene due to the amount of customization and strategies available. Each new expansion offers new possibilities, can change game mechanics, and provide a new shift in power for some classes.

Legendary quest cards are one of the most influential newer game mechanics. The rewards from these objectives can provide players with deck-enabling cards that would give them better chances to rank up.

Let us know about some of your favorite legendary quest cards if have any. Also, tells us what you think about investing money in packs as opposed to grinding and crafting cards.

Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. This does not effect our editorial in any way.

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