How to Hide Photos/Apps/Messages on the iPhone 6S

Many of our phones have a ton of our personal and sensitive information that we wouldn’t want other people to see.  Whether it be our credit card numbers, conversations with friends and family, passwords and more, there is a lot on our devices we don’t want getting in the hands of the wrong people. Thankfully, the iPhone 6S and other models all have some security measures to protect that information, but those aren’t always enough. While many of us have passcodes or Touch ID in place to protect random people from searching through our phones, if they can guess the password that you have chosen, they’re in, and they can essentially do what they want on your device.

How to Hide Photos/Apps/Messages on the iPhone 6S

This is a very worrisome thought for some and many people wonder if there are other ways to protect their private information if somehow gets a hold of your password. Well thankfully, the answer is yes! There are a few different ways in which you can hide photos, apps and messages (which seem to be the areas on your iPhone where most personal information about yourself is kept).

We will take a closer look at each of the areas individually and let you know how you can hide information on your iPhone 6S. Whether you want to hide some embarrassing photos, some messages that contain personal information or a whole app altogether, these following instructions and tips will definitely help you out!

How to Hide Photos on the iPhone 6S

When it comes to hiding photos on the iPhone 6S and other devices, Apple makes it easy for us as there is actually a dedicated way to “hide” the photos. All you have to do is open the Photos app and tap on the photo(s) you want to hide. When selected, tap the Share icon in the bottom left corner and then select Hide. Tap Hide Photo and the app will now be placed in a new album called Hidden. This feature will hide these photos from things like collections and memories, but they are still visible in some modes, but you will have to look for them.

If this doesn’t do it for you, there are also plenty of third-party apps that you can download from the app store that can essentially act as private and password protected albums for your photos, but for most people who just want to hide a few that have sensitive or private information, this “hide photos” feature should be enough.

How to Hide Messages on the iPhone 6S

Messages are another thing that some people want to hide, as we can often reveal a lot about ourselves in conversations with friends and family. Our jobs, our lives, our hobbies and interests are just some of the things people could find out about us by snooping into our text messages. Unfortunately, when it comes to hiding text messages or conversations in a similar manner to photos, nothing exists. There is no built in way to hide your messages from someone who finds their way into your device.

Instead, if you want that extra layer of security for your messages, you will need to download a third party app. If you search hide texts or hide messages in the app store, you are bound to get a lot of different results, all of which claim to do the job. Instead of just taking their words for it, you should do some research and see which app works best for what you are trying to accomplish.

How to Hide Apps on the iPhone 6S

Hiding apps is something that is actually extremely easy to do on the iPhone 6S. Simply go to Settings, then General, then Restrictions. Once in the Restrictions menu, simply turn them on (it will ask you to set a Restrictions passcode, which should definitely be different than your normal passcode) and then select which apps you want to be restricted. Unfortunately, there are only a select few apps that this can be done for.

So while it is not possible to put a passcode to “lock” every app, there are ways you can hide certain apps, whether you want them out of sight or just don’t use them. This involves a little bit of trickery and some hoping that the person on your device won’t do any digging. The key is to use folders, here are some tips:

  • The folder hiding the app(s) you want to hide shouldn’t be on your front or main home screen of course.
  • While you can have the app on the front page of that folder, that won’t make it very hard to find. Instead, fill the first page of the folder with apps and then have the hidden app the on the second page of the folder. Many people don’t even know folders can have more than one page, so this might thwart a thief or intruder from ever finding the app that you wanted to hide.

Now those methods should help if you want to completely hide these apps, photos and messages from people getting into your phone. But sometimes, the notifications and text previews on our devices are the things we want to hide. Well, you’re in luck. With the recent release of iOs 11, Apple introduced a solution to hide all the text previews for all of your notifications. This is great as this goes for all apps, even the ones that are third-party. All you need to do is go to Settings, hit the Notifications tab and then tap on Show Previews. Once in that menu, you will have a few different choices for what you want. If you have it set to Always, you will always get text previews for all notifications. When Unlocked will mean that you will get the notification when the device is unlocked and of course, if you select Never, then you will never get text previews for your notifications at all.

Hopefully, after reading and looking over this article, you are well versed when it comes to hiding your private information from those who may gain access to your device. While all of this hiding of apps, messages, and photos is good to give you peace of mind that your device is secure, you should always try to ensure that you have a solid passcode on your device. Don’t share this information with anyone as you never know who they will tell. Basically, you should keep all password and security information to yourself to protect your iPhone 6S.

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