How to Make a Map for Minecraft

In any game, maps are there to help you navigate the world. In Minecraft, the maps do the same thing. They’re handy,particularly in the game’s multiplayer and survival modes.

The maps in Minecraft don’t do anything special – they show you the surrounding area and help you find yourway.

However, like any other object in Minecraft, maps are crafted. Yes, you’re the one who needs to do it. Whetherwe’re talking about the PC, Xbox 360, PS4, or any other platform, crafting maps in Minecraft is done in the same way.

Here’s a basics guide for Minecraft Maps.

How to Make a Map

It wouldn’t be in the spirit of Minecraft if the maps didn’t need to be crafted. It’s not one of your basic crafting and combining methods items either – it’s made using a crafting table. Here’s a quick tutorial to show you how maps are made.

Crafting Table and a Furnace

You’ll be using the crafting table to create your map, as well as all other necessary components. But you’ll also have to use the furnace to make the compass parts. The compass is an integral part that will accompany your map.

The Resources

Naturally, like when you’re crafting any other Minecraft item, you’re going to need some resources. Hereare the items that you’ll need to make a map.

  1. Sugar Cane – 9 of these are required. Sugar Canes are pale green in color and are usually found growing in the proximity of water.
  2. Iron ore – 4 of these are necessary. Iron is represented by orange flecks on gray blocks. To effectively mine iron ore, you’re going to need a stone pickaxe, at the least.
  3. Redstone – 1 pile of Redstone is required. Redstone is found at layer 16 and below. So, expect that you’ll have to dig quite a bit to find this resource. It resembles glowing red freckles on gray rocks.
  4. Fuel – Any kind of fuel that burns should work. Use 4 wood blocks or one charcoal/coal block.

Smelting Iron

The iron ore that you’ve collected will need to be smelted. For this, we’re going to use the furnace.

  1. Open the furnace as you normally would
  2. Add the 4 iron ores to the box at the top of the furnace window
  3. Add the fuel to the bottom box
  4. The furnace should start smelting automatically

After you’re done smelting, move the iron bars into the inventory.

Crafting a Compass

Now, it’s time to go to the crafting table and make the map.

  1. Open the crafting table
  2. Place the Redstone pile in the center of the grid in the crafting table window
  3. Place one iron bar to the left, right, up, and down of the Redstone pile
  4. A compass icon will appear
  5. Make a compass

After you’ve crafted it, move the compass to your inventory.

Crafting Pieces of Paper

To craft a map, you’re going to need nine pieces of paper. Here’s how to craft pieces of paper from Sugar Canes.

  1. Place three Sugar Canes in the bottom-left, bottom-middle, and bottom-right squares in the crafting tablemenu
  2. Nine pieces of paper should be created

After you’re done, move the nine pieces of paper to your inventory.

Crafting the Map

Finally, it’s time to use all the items that you’ve created so far to create the map. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Place the compass in the center of the crafting grid
  2. Place one piece of paper in each of the remaining squares (total of 8)
  3. A tan piece of paper will appear – this is the icon that represents the map item
  4. Craft it

After you’re done crafting the map, you can move it to your inventory and start using it.

Using the Map

Don’t expect to see the entirety of the Minecraft world map. In fact, the map is blank at the beginning– it’s up to you to fill it up.

So, how do you fill the map up? Well, it’s filled by you walking around the Minecraft world and holding it. Keep in mind that the map won’t fill up if it isn’t held as an active item while you’re moving around the world.

Bringing up the map is very easy. Just do it as you would any other item in your inventory. Keep in mindthat there might be a few moments of lag the first time you use the map – it will take a few seconds to start filling.

Each pixel on the map is a single block in the Minecraft world that you’re in. The map will show atop-down perspective. Your location in the world should be represented by a white oval on your map. There is a way to use a map without a compass, but youwon’t be able to see your indicator on it, which makes things much less convenient.

Expanding the Map

The map that you first create has a set size. You can increase your map for a grand total of four times. Eachincrease doubles the map’s size. The larger the map, the more comprehensive the view of the world. In other words, the larger the map size, the more you’ll beable to zoom. All that you’ll need for upgrading the map is more paper – each zoom level requires 8 additional pieces of paper, adding up to a total of 32

Here’s how to expand the Minecraft map.

  1. Go to the crafting table and open it
  2. Place the map in the middle of the crafting grid
  3. Surround it with 8 pieces of paper

After you’re done, move the resulting map to your inventory. To increase the map size further, repeat theabove steps.

Alternative Methods

Although crafting the map is in the spirit of Minecraft, it’s not the only way to get your hands on this usefulitem.

For one, a map can be created on a cartography table using just a single paper and a compass. In fact, if youdon’t need the indicator showing on the map, you don’t need the compass.

There are also novice-level cartographer villagers who will sell you an empty map for 7 emeralds.

Map Uses

Aside from the obvious use of maps in Minecraft, there are some less apparent benefits of using maps.

For one, players can use maps to locate other players in multiplayer. They can also be used to add variousmarkers since the Update Aquatic.

You can also mount a map with an item frame and hang it on a wall. Clicking a mounted map will rotate it by90 degrees.

Maps can be duplicated, renamed, as well as expanded (as explained earlier).

Additional FAQ

How do I find maps to install in Minecraft?

If you want to install Minecraft maps on any device, you’re going to have to look around the web by yourself. Make sure that you’re using a reliable source, as these third-party downloads can easily turn out to be full of malware. Use an antimalware on your device, as well.

How do I download and install maps in Minecraft?

On Windows, open the Minecraft launcher, go to Launch Options, and select Add new. Navigate to the Game directory and select the green arrow near the folder icon. Extract the Minecraft map file to there. iOS and Android devices will require third-party software such as iExplorer or ASTRO File Manager. You’ll also need to connect the smart device to your computer.

Can you see the player’s buildings?

Yes, the buildings that you create in Minecraft will be visible, as long as the location is explored. However, if a building is below the 16×16 blocks minimum, they won’t show on the map. If you happen to make any changes to the structure, they won’t show on the map until you revisit the location with a map in the avatar’s hand.

Does the map hinder exploration?

While using it, the map isn’t held right in front of your screen. If you look down, the map will go full screen and give you an in-detail view. However, if you look up, the map gets brought down. It works similarly to how looking at a map would work in real life. Bear in mind, though, that using the map does hinder the activities that involve using various items in the world.

Do maps work in the Overworld?

Maps display location overview depending on where they are created. For the map to work in the Nether, for instance, it must be crafted in the Nether. Maps crafted in the Overworld won’t display any terrain.

Minecraft Map Basics

There you have it. Hopefully, you’ve learned what you can do with Minecraft maps and what your options are.The best way to create a map is through crafting – it’s the Minecraft experience. There are other ways to come by a map as well, though.

Have we managed to answer the question that you were looking for? Have you learned all that you needed to know aboutMinecraft maps? If you have any questions or other points to make, hit our comment section below and start up a discussion.

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