How to Screenshot on the Galaxy S9/S9+

Screenshots have many important uses. Sometimes, you want to capture an image while you’re enjoying your favorite live stream. Or maybe you want to record a memorable moment on social media. Keeping screenshots of conversations can even be useful if you’ve ongoing legal issues.

How to Screenshot on the Galaxy S9/S9+

If you have a Galaxy S9 or S9+, you have lots of different ways to take a screenshot. Here are four simple approaches.

  1. Palm Swipe

Swipe the edge of your palm across your screen to capture an image. If it works, your phone will notify you by vibrating briefly.

  1. Button Combination

To take a screenshot, press and hold the power off button and the volume down button at the same time. These are on opposite sides of your phone, so you can do it comfortably. Once again, you’ll be notified of the screenshot.

  1. Smart Select

Smart Select is the most sophisticated option for taking screenshots because it lets you select a screen area instead of capturing the entire screen. How do you use it?

  • Swipe the Bar on the Right Side of the Screen
  • Select a Shape

What is the shape of the image you want to save? Smart Select will set up a grid based on the shape you selected.

  • Modify the Grid

You can simply drag the grid across the image, drop and size it to the desired area.

  • Tap on Done

The phone will take your custom screenshot.

  1. Ask Bixby to Take Your Screenshot

Bixby is the virtual assistant on your S9 or S9+. You can activate it by holding down the special button on the left side of your phone. Voice activation works too, you can simply say “Hey Bixby” to turn the function on.

Once Bixby is activated, you can use voice controls to take a screenshot. This can be a great help if you’re a multitasker. Simply say “Take screenshot” to capture an image.

What Happens After You Take a Screenshot?

Your screenshots are saved in a folder in your gallery. You can edit them or share them on social media at any time. However, you can do a few things with the screenshot right after taking it.

When you take a screenshot, an editing bar will appear at the bottom of your screen. This lets you draw on your image or crop it. There is also an option for sharing your new screenshot on social media.

But the most important part of the editing bar is the Scroll capture function. What does it do?

Sometimes, your conversations run longer than a single screen. It can be annoying to scroll down, take separate images, and then piece them together in an editing tool.

Scroll capture lets you scroll down and take consecutive screenshots that are automatically fused into a single image. Hence, you can take a screenshot of an entire webpage, or a long conversation thread.

A Final Thought

A screenshot is only useful if you can take it as soon as something interesting happens. Having these different methods at your disposal allows you to react immediately and avoid any inconveniences. With the Galaxy S9 or S9+, screenshots are always simple, quick and detailed.

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