How To Screenshot on the HTC U11

Want to save or share what you are looking at? It’s easy with the screenshot feature. But if you have an HTC U11 you may have a couple of options when it comes to taking screenies.

How To Screenshot on the HTC U11

Keep reading to find out how to copy, share, or save your screenshots. If you are a veteran Android user, one way may be very familiar to you. However, the second way is unique to HTC’s U11 series.

Try both ways out and find out which one works best for you.

Taking a Screenshot – Standard Android Way

One of the easiest ways to take a screenshot applies to most Android devices. Follow the simple steps below to take a screenshot on any Android device, including the HTC U11.

Step One – Arrange your Screen

The screenshot will take a record of exactly what is showing on your screen. Though you can edit your screenshots later, you may want to arrange your screen first. Center your focal point(s) so they are easy to see, and close out anything you don’t want to appear in your shot.

Step Two – Take Your Shot

To take your shot, press and hold both the volume down and power buttons at the same time. Your camera’s shutter sound is confirmation that the screenshot was successful.

Step Three – Save and Share

Want to share your screenshot? First, open your Notifications panel. Next, slide two fingers apart on the notification for your screenshot.

Tap Share to send it via different media platforms.

Taking a Screenshot – Using Edge Sense

You can also use Edge Sense to take a screenshot on your HTC U11. Follow these easy steps to take screens using this phone’s unique feature.

Step One – Customize and Enable Edge Sense

First, from your Settings menu go to Edge Sense to customize your options. If you haven’t already done so, your phone will walk you through Edge Sense’s initial setup. Follow the instruction prompts on your phone.

Next, you need to change what your “squeezes” mean. By default, Edge Sense is programmed to activate your camera when you squeeze. To change this, go to “Customize Squeeze Option”.

From here, select the short squeeze option and the screenshot options to program Edge Sense.

Step Two – Take Your Screenshot with Edge Sense

Now you’re ready to take your screenshot. Go back to the screen or display that you want to capture. Activate Edge Sense by squeezing your phone.

You should hear your camera’s shutter sound, indicating that your screenshot was successful.

Step Three – Share and Save

Lastly, after you capture your screenshot you can share it, delete it, or save it. If you need additional screenshots, simply activate Edge Sense again.

Alternative Method

The multi-key and Edge Sense options are some of the most common ways to take screenshots for the HTC U11. But you can also use 3rd party apps to take screenshots.

Some apps allow you a little more screenshot customization, but your results may vary depending on the developer.

Final Thought

Taking screenshots with your phone is easy. HTC U11 has made it even easier if you assign the unique Edge Sense feature to include a screenshot command. However, if you want to save your squeeze options for other actions, you can always use the standard Android method.

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