How To Screenshot on the Moto Z2 Force

Screenshots have a surprising number of uses. In most cases, we use them to capture a moment in a video or a game and share it with the world.

How To Screenshot on the Moto Z2 Force

If you’re having an engaging or funny conversation over text or on your social media platform, you might decide to screenshot it for safekeeping. But sometimes, screenshotting your conversations has another use as well. There can be legal reasons to document messages you received.

People may use screenshotting when they want to ask for advice about an app or about their phone settings. It also makes it easier to provide advice and share your experiences with your smartphone.

So how do you make a screenshot if you have a Moto Z2 Force?

Use the Buttons on the Side

The simplest way to make a screenshot with this phone is to use a button combination.

Hold the Volume Down Button

Hold the Power Button at the Same Time

You need to hold them simultaneously for a few seconds to take your screenshot. When it’s recorded, you’ll see it on your screen for a moment.

Swipe Down to See Your Screenshot

If you swipe down from the top of your screen, you can open the screenshot immediately.

Use Voice Commands

Using buttons on the side to take screenshots requires no additional software. However, it can be awkward, so some users find voice commands more comfortable.

Before you can start using voice commands, you have to set up the Google Assistant on your phone. To do this, select the round Home button on the bottom of your screen.

Now, agree to set up the Google Assistant. Follow the instructions on your screen. At the end of the process, you have to teach the phone to recognize your voice. Repeat “OK Google” three times to complete setup.

After you have activated the Google Assistant, it is very easy to take a screenshot:

Hold the Home Button OR Say “OK Google”

You can open your Google Assistant by holding the Home Button for a long time. Saying the passphrase “OK Google” has the same effect.

Say “Take a Screenshot”

Now your Google Assistant will take a screenshot for you.

Tap on the Screenshot to Open It

Again, you can see your screenshot briefly. You also get the option to immediately post to the social media account associated with your phone.

What Can You Do with Your Screenshot?

What happens after you’ve screenshotted a particular scene? You can find the picture in the Screenshots folder:

1. Access the App Screen

Scroll up from your home screen to open the app screen.

2. Select Photos

3. Tap on More

This is the icon with three horizontal lines.

4. Choose the Device Folders Option

This will let you browse through the different types of images on your phone.

5. Select the Screenshots Folder

Now you can scroll through your screenshots to find the one you want to use. Tap on a screenshot to open it.

When you open an image, you can do some editing. You can also upload your screenshot to social media or set it as your wallpaper.

A Final Thought

The Moto Z2 Force has some interesting image editing options. For example, you can take depth-enabled photos and then edit only the background layer while the main part of your photo stays unchanged.

But in the case of screenshots, the editing options are limited. So you should download an image editing app if you want to add stickers or draw on your screenshot before you post it online.

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