How To Screenshot on the iPhone XR

When you’re having a conversation on your iPhone, the best way to archive it is to take a screenshot.

How To Screenshot on the iPhone XR

There are various reasons to screenshot conversations. For example, you might want to share what you talked about on social media. If someone has been harassing you, screenshots are a good way to document their behavior.

You may need to take a screenshot of an app before you discuss it online. Sometimes, taking screenshots of your Google Maps location is the most practical way to share where you are.

Screenshots have also become an important part of how we consume media. The iPhone XR comes with a vivid LCD display that makes it a great choice for watching shows and movies. When you do, you might want to capture the scenes on your screen and edit them for fun.

The Best Way to Take a Screenshot on the iPhone XR

On older iPhone models, the easiest way to take a screenshot was to press the Home button. However, the XR comes without a Home button, so you have to use different screenshotting methods on this phone.

Let’s look at the easiest ways to take a screenshot on the iPhone XR.

You Can Use a Button Combination

Most smartphones let you take screenshots by pressing the physical buttons on the side of the phone. The iPhone XR is no exception.

The combination you need is the Side button plus the Volume Up button. These are located on opposing sides of the phone. Press both of them down at the same time to create a screenshot.

You’ll hear the camera shutter sound when your screenshot gets taken. From here, you can share the screenshot on social media or simply save it to your Screenshots folder.

Use Assistive Touch

Like its predecessor, the iPhone X, this smartphone offers an alternative way to take screenshots. Some users find it inconvenient to use the physical buttons. If this is the case for you, you can use the Assistive Touch option instead.

First, you should make sure that this function is turned on. To enable Assistive Touch, follow these steps:

  1. Go into Settings from Your App Screen

  2. Select General

  3. Tap on Accessibility

  4. Select Assistive Touch

  5. Turn the “Assistive Touch” Toggle to On

Once it’s turned on, you want to customize this function. The idea behind Assistive Touch is to make it easier to perform certain actions. When you add an action to your top level menu, you can access it very easily.

To alter the top level menu, start with the same steps as above:

  1. Go into Settings from Your App Screen

  2. Select General

  3. Tap on Accessibility

  4. Select Assistive Touch

  5. Select “Customize Top Level Menu”

  6. Tap on Custom

  7. Select “Screenshot” from the List

This adds screenshotting to your menu. To access this function, tap on the assistive touch button from any screen. Then select the Screenshots option to capture an image.

A Final Word

Some iPhone users prefer to download a screenshot app instead of relying on the native options. These apps let you save time, as they come with built-in editing software. For example, Screenshot Editor – annotate and enhance lets you add text to your screenshots in various fonts. It’s quick and easy to share the resulting image with the world.

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