How to Unfuse in Tears of the Kingdom

Fusing must be one of the coolest features of Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom. You can easily get hooked on developing new creations just for fun. But, what do you do when you’re done with your innovations and need to get back your items or mistakenly use a prized item for a cosmetic?

How to Unfuse in Tears of the Kingdom

This is where the need to know how to Unfuse comes in. Don’t worry, this article will tell you all you need to know about unfusing in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Unfuse in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom provides you with only three ways to Unfuse items. The first method allows you to Unfuse via settings provided in the game’s menu. The second method will have you seeking the help of a non-player character from Tarrey called Pelison, and the third is through using the Ultrahand.

But, there is a slight twist in the results provided with each method. The in-game menu will help you Unfuse but will only leave you with the weapon. The material attached to it will be completely destroyed. Procuring the services of the NPC in Tarrey will be costly, but you will get back all your items without damage. Using Ultrahand also provides a safer option for unfusing the items but it unfortunately doesn’t work for weapons.

How to Unfuse Using the Game Menu

The most important thing to consider when choosing this option is the cost of the items that you have used to create your weapon. We recommend this option only when the attachments or boosts don’t have too much value or are relatively common. Here’s how you Unfuse using the game’s basic menu:

  1. Open your game menu by pressing the + button to go to “Inventory.”
  2. Choose the weapon you want to Unfuse by pressing the A button.
  3. Select “Destroy fused material.”
  4. Your weapon will be Unfused and you will receive the base weapon back, ready to be Fused again.

Confirm what your base weapon is to avoid making a costly mistake, and always check the information box. The first item on the list is your base weapon. All the other materials listed will be destroyed. This also happens when you have Fused two weapons together. One will have to go.

The durability of the weapon that remains after unfusing is slightly decreased when you use the menu.

How to Unfuse by Seeking the Help of Pelison

If you don’t want to lose any of your items when unfusing, then you will have to head for Tarrey town and look for Pelison. You can find this location to the northeast of Hyrule town at coordinates (3994, 1628, 0128). Take the route going through Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower so you can get into Tarrey town faster. You can also use the Rasitakiwak shrine to fast travel to Tarrey town.

When you get here, it will be quite easy to spot Pelison. He’s a Goron merchant wearing a bright yellow construction hat. You’re likely to spot him at the entrance of the village near the market stalls. He will ask whether he can help you to Unfuse the items. You will get Pelison to help you by choosing “Break it down.”

You will have to pay him 20 rupees for the service. You can collect your items just next to where Pelison is standing at his Break-a-part shop. Be aware that if you have attached more than one item you will have to re-do this process each time until it is done, making it a bit pricey.

Here’s when you should use Pelison’s services:

  • You have fused a precious item to a less valuable one like a stick.
  • Your weapon is about to break but has a valuable crafting material on it. A perfect example is Lynel or Gleook horns. These materials are very hard to come by in Tears of the Kingdom.
  • You want to activate a wooden Zonai device. This is risky to do by yourself because you can easily destroy the Zonai device if you use a strong weapon. Taking it to Pelison is a smart choice because the guy sure does know how to tear stuff apart.

You can only use this method after completing the Great Sky Island section and Pelison only unfuses two items at a time.

How to Unfuse Using Ultrahand

You can accidentally fuse materials together when using the Ultrahand. But, you don’t have to worry because you can also unfuse items by activating Ultrahand. Here are the steps you should follow to successfully unfuse:

  1. Activate Ultrahand by pressing the L button and select the part of the item you want to separate.
  2. Click on “A” to lift the object.
  3. Shake the right stick until the item comes free.

Only items that have been fused with Ultrahand can be separated this way.


Can you use Ultrahand to unfuse weapons?

No. Ultrahand only allows you to unfuse material that you fused with Ultrahand while building.

What else can the Ultrahand do in Tears of the Kingdom?

Apart from Ultrahand providing Link with an arm replacement after Ganondorf’s carnage in Breath of the Wild, Ultrahand in TotK helps Link to activate the locks on Zonai devices.

Is there any other Goron that can help you unfuse apart from Pelison?

No. Only Pelison in Tarrey can help you Unfuse your items.

Which is the best method to use for unfusing weapons in Tears of the Kingdom?

This is dependent on the item you are trying to separate. If you are trying to separate weapons, speaking to Pelison and paying him to Unfuse them is the best option. But if your base item is a weapon and it is attached to easy-to-find items, it’s easier to use the game’s menu.

Can you fuse items back together after unfusing in Tears of the Kingdom?

Yes, you can. But it is important to remember that continuous unfusing and re-fusing will destroy both your items with time due to a decrease in durability.

Let’s Not Waste Those Materials

Knowing how to unfuse weapons, items, and materials will greatly enhance your gaming experience while journeying through the Hyrule region. This will help you to avoid losing your inventory and wasting away those hours you labored to collect those Korok seeds and expand your inventory.

So, have you tried to Unfuse in Tears of the Kingdom? Which is the most prized item you have saved through unfusing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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