How to Use Ultrahand in Tears of the Kingdom

The Ultrahand ability debuts the new “The Legend of Zelda” game, “Tears of the Kingdom. Learning how to get this new ability and how to use it benefits players in many ways, as it can be used for various builds.

How to Use Ultrahand in Tears of the Kingdom

In this article, you’ll learn more about Ultrahand, where to find it, how to use it, and what you can do with it.

Using Ultrahand in Tears of the Kingdom

The Ultrahand ability opens up a world of possibilities for playing the game. You can build vehicles, make machines to aid you in combat, or have fun with it and try unconventional usage of this power. To access the Ultrahand:

  1. Press the “L” button to activate it. After you’ve acquired different powers, hold the “L” button to open the menu.
  2. Select “Ultrahand” from the menu using the right stick.

How to Grab Objects

As mentioned, the Ultrahand ability can be used to build many things. But to create something, you first need to learn how to grab, rotate, and detach an item if you make a mistake.

Ultrahand is activated when you see red expanding circles around you and a crosshair on your HUD. Furthermore, every object that can be moved will shine with an orange light. If you’re in close range and aim at those objects, their color will change to green. All things highlighted in this color can be grabbed via Ultrahand. To hold the object:

  1. Aim the cross-hair at the green object.
  2. Press the “A” button to grab.
  3. Use the left stick to move the item back and forth and side to side and the right stick to move it up and down.
  4. Press “Up” and “Down” on D-Pad to move the object from and towards yourself.

Once you’ve grabbed the object, it will move as your character moves. This way, you can carry heavy things, which without the Ultrahand ability, you wouldn’t be able to move. In addition, this is extremely useful for placing a raft in the water, for example, or setting up a ladder so you can climb high mountains.

How to Rotate Objects

Sometimes you need to rotate an object if it’s facing the wrong way or upside down. Knowing how to turn an object can come in handy in different situations. For example, when setting up fans on your vehicle, you can use the ability to move the fans to blow in a particular direction. To rotate an object, you need to:

  1. Hold the “R” button.
  2. Use D-Pad to turn.
  3. To return the previous placement of objects, press the “ZL” button. And start over.

Additionally, there is another way to rotate an object in the desired direction. All you need to do is hold the right bumper and use the D-Pad to change its rotation to a 45-degree angle.

How to Attach and Detach Objects

The Ultrahand ability excels at Attaching two or more objects. You can make a functional object from two useless ones. For example, one log may not do much for you, but linking three logs and placing them in the water makes a raft. The same goes when making a ladder and attaching three or more logs vertically.

To connect objects, you need to press the “A” button twice, once to grab and the second time to attach it to the other object.

If you look closely at the objects, you can inspect the attachment points, correcting them as needed. However, if you make a mistake and want to detach and try again, you can do it by moving the right stick from side to side.

How to Get Ultrahand

As the Ultrahand ability is crucial for adequately playing “Tears of the Kingdom,” you get it at the start of the game. You receive this unique ability during your tutorial at the Sky Islands, where you complete the puzzles and the four shrines.

You can find this particular ability at Ukouh Shrine, the first shrine during your tutorial. Visit the Temple of Time to receive the directions for the first shrine and Ultrahand.

Using Ultrahand to Build Vehicles and Combat Machines With Zonai Devices

Most players will use Link’s ghost hand to build vehicles to cross a large body of water, fly, get to unexplored and inaccessible areas, search for hidden paths, etc. In most cases, players will need Zonai Devices to build a helpful vehicle.

The most important thing you need to worry about when building vehicles with Zonai Devices is physics. This is vital since you need to orient the devices, usually fans, to the side where you want them to blow. For example, if you’re making a raft, place the fans to blow from the land. By the same token, if you’re making a hoverboard or an aircraft, you’ll place the fans to blow into the ground.

“Tears of the Kingdom” is a complex game where you can make intricate objects and vehicles with immense possibilities. However, it’s best to keep it simple if you need a helpful item to reach your goal. For example, a simple rocket on a couple of planks will get you to high places rather than making a complicated robot.

Creative Use of the Ultrahand Ability

Since the release of “Tears of the Kingdom” players have been showing the community many interesting, silly, and crazy ways to use the new ability “Ultrahand.” Some of them are useful, but others are just for fun and don’t add any value to the in-game progress.

One player showed that you don’t need a legendary weapon or item to defeat enemies. They used a bridge for all kinds of purposes. If they got stuck when crossing a higher ground, they built a bridge. When they needed to climb a mountain, a vertical bridge was composed. Fighting monsters with a bridge creation was the cherry on top for this player as it turned out effective.

And that’s only one example of Ultrahand creative usage. One “Tears of the Kingdom” player decided to give some attention to the neutral pets in the game, and used the “Ultrahand” ability to reach the animal and pet it. Yes, this isn’t related to the quests in the game, but it’s a funny way to use such a powerful ability.

From petting animals to fighting with bridges or killing NPCs with different objects, “Ultrahand” surely gives a lot of freedom to players.

Why Are Zonai Capsules Important for Using Ultrahand?

When it comes to making vehicles with Zonai Devices, the most valuable item you can have in your inventory are Zonai Capsules. They can come in handy whenever you can’t find Zonai Devices, especially fans, nearby. Moreover, Zonai Capsules work as portable Zonai Devices to power up any machine. It is advantageous when stuck in a location with nothing around you.

However, these portable capsules are for one use only, and once you pull them out of the inventory, you won’t be able to pick them up again and put them into a capsule. In addition, when pulling out Zonai Capsules, ensure you are in a safe location. As you pull out an item from your bag, it’ll appear next to you, which can be disastrous if you’re standing near a cliff. On the plus side, you can carry as many portable orbs as you want.

Experiment With Ultrahand

Using Ultrahand in “Tears of the Kingdom” is essential, so it’s a good thing that you learn it at the start of the game. It has immense possibilities, as you can do various things to ease your progress through exploration and quests. Many creative uses of Ultrahand can be seen online, such as throwing rocks or weapons at your enemies, creating your own ledge, treasure hunting, etc. Besides grabbing, attaching, detaching, rotating, and moving objects, Ultrahand is best utilized with Zonai Devices.

Have you found the Ultrahand ability useful in your gameplay? Have you created something unique and helpful with this ability? Let us know in the comments section below.

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