How To Backup the HTC U11

It’s good practice to back up your smartphone data. If the unthinkable should happen and you no longer have your phone, you won’t lose all your information too.

How To Backup the HTC U11

There are different ways to back up your phone. You can back up your entire phone or just specific data. Find out how to do it all, and never be without your information again.

Phone Backup Methods

One of the main ways to back up your phone is by using the cloud. And most Android users use Google Drive as their go-to cloud storage. This is how to back up your phone data onto Drive.

Step One – Go to Settings

Starting from your Home screen, swipe up to access your Settings menu. From there, go to “Backup & reset.”

Step Two – Backup Your Data

Next, select “Backup my data.” You should see a switch to turn this feature on and off. Switch it “on” and press the sideways triangle icon that points left.

Also, make sure that you switched on “Automatic restore.” Doing this automatically restores your data when apps are reinstalled onto the HTC U11.

What is Backed Up on Google

The following data is backed up on Google:

  • Home screen wallpaper
  • Apps that are installed through Google Play
  • App screen size, folders and sort order
  • Text messages – SMS
  • Google Calendar and Gmail settings
  • Call history
  • Additional data synced to your Google account, like contacts and calendar events
  • Data in HTC apps, like People app contacts, Clock and Weather city list, email accounts in Mail
  • Settings and data from 3rd party apps installed, varies
  • General device settings like Wi-Fi networks, ringtones

HTC Sync Manager

Rather not back up your data onto cloud storage? You can also sync your information onto your computer, too.

Using HTC Sync Manager, you can back up your accounts, settings and personal content onto your computer. You can also back up media like photos, videos and music using Sync Manager.

Other Backup Options

If none of those backup options appeal to you, here are some additional backup methods to choose from.

Storage Card

You can also use a storage card to back up data or files as long as it is formatted as removable storage. Some apps allow you to store data onto a storage card.

You may also back up text messages, contacts, and other data using a storage card.

Cut and Paste Files

In addition, if you want to save specific files to your computer without using the Sync Manager, you can always do it the old-fashioned way.

Step One – Plug Your Phone into Your Computer

First, plug your phone into your computer. When you are prompted to run Sync Manager, go with “Show files in folders” instead. This will show your phone data in various folders.

Step Two – Cut/Copy and Paste

Next, find the files or data that you want to save. Cut or copy these files and paste them to a new location on your computer.

Now your data lives on your computer and it’s safe to unmount and disconnect your phone. Remember though that doing it this way only saves specific files. This is not a good way to restore your phone completely.

If you need to restore your phone because it’s new or you did a factory reset, use one of the other methods instead, like backup to Drive or HTC Sync Manager.

Final Thoughts

There are many different ways to save your data. It’s good practice to back up your entire phone, and specific data as needed. Because you never know when you may lose your data through an unforeseen accident.

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