How To Use Slow Motion on the HTC U11

Fancy yourself an amateur filmmaker? Need to document something in slow motion? HTC U11 has the answer for you, and it’s native to the device.

How To Use Slow Motion on the HTC U11

Create some drama and tension in your recorded clips. You can use the Slow Motion feature on the HTC U11 or a 3rd party app to create this effect. Check out how to do both, and choose the one that’s right for you.

Slow Motion Using the HTC U11

Want to try your hand at slow motion video? Enable it on your phone. Follow these simple steps for this special effect.

Step One – Change Camera App Settings

From your Home screen, access your camera app by tapping on the camera icon. Next, change your Capture Mode. Access your Capture menu using one of 3 ways:

  • Tap “II” to access the slide out menu

  • From landscape orientation, swipe right
  • From portrait orientation, swipe down from the top edge of phone

Select the Slow Motion option.

Step Two – Record Your Video

Now it’s time to record your slow motion video. Tap the circle icon with the red inner circle to begin recording. To stop, tap on the circle icon with the white square.

Audio is recorded while you are in Slow Motion mode. However, it will not play back unless you adjust your playback speed to normal.

Slow Motion Using 3rd Party Apps

Why use a 3rd party app? Slow Motion apps may allow you to do more things, including:

  • Reverse playback
  • Clips without stutters or frame drops
  • Editing options such as add music, adjust color, trim videos
  • Slow motion video player

These apps vary in quality. Some apps are free while others are only available in paid versions. If you tend to use Slow Motion frequently, you may want to invest in using both the native phone feature and an app.

However, if you only use this capture mode occasionally, the standard HTC U11 mode may be sufficient for casual use.

When to Use Slow Motion

Typically, you may want to consider using Slow Motion capture if you are shooting something that is too fast for the human eye to catch. Actions such as a goal scoring kick, waves crashing, or a balloon burst are some examples of instances when you would use Slow Motion.

For the best results, use a stabilizing tool when you are shooting Slow Motion video. Grab your smartphone stand or stick to minimize shake when capturing your clips.

Slow Motion vs Hyperlapse

On the other hand, if you need to record an event that is relatively slow and you want to speed it up, you would use the hyperlapse mode on your camera. Using hyperlapse does the opposite of slow motion. It speeds up your video clip.

This mode is also handy if you are capturing an even that takes place too slow to make out with normal human vision. Hyperlapse is also a native feature on the HTC U11 smartphone.

Final Thoughts

The native Slow Motion mode on the HTC U11 smartphone is a good option for casual video clips. But it may not be the best way to record such clips. If you find yourself recording in this mode often, you may want to look into downloading a 3rd party app to enhance your recording experience.

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