How To Use OK Google on the HTC U11

Want a virtual assistant to help you organize your life? You have one if you have an HTC U11 smartphone. Google Assistant is pre-installed on most newer HTC U11s but even if your phone doesn’t have it, it’s easy to install.

How To Use OK Google on the HTC U11

Take a look at these easy simple setup steps that will get you saying “Ok Google” in no time.

Setting Up and Enabling Google Assistant

Before you start saying “Ok Google” you need to enable and set up the app to recognize your voice. You may have gone through the Assistant setup when you first powered on your phone. But if you skipped it, in the beginning, you can go back and set it up.

Step One – Turn Off Power Saving Settings

To use OK Google, you first need to turn off power saver (if you’re using it). Follow these simple commands to check or turn off these settings:

Settings> Battery or Power> Power Saver switch is turned off

Step Two – Access Google Assistant/OK Google

After you make sure your power saving setting is turned off, it’s time to access Google Assistant. Press and hold Home/Fingerprint scanner and you should see the Google assistant start-up screen.

If you don’t, you can easily download this app from the Google Play store.

Step Three – Follow Setup Instructions

Next, follow your setup instructions. This is also when you can set up the app to recognize your voice and enable the “OK Google” command.

You can make your setup as simple or complicated as you want it to be.

Step Four – Customize OK Google Settings

Lastly, you can further customize your Google Assistant by going into the Settings tab in the app.


From there you can change things like:

  • Google Assistant voice type
  • Your briefing feed
  • Customize news, music, Home control, routines, shipping lists, reminders, videos and photos, and stock sources and settings
  • Google Assistant nickname
  • Unblock offensive words
  • View activity history
  • Change your Google account

To access your settings from your Google Assistant feed screen, tap on the circle with compass icon in the upper right corner of your screen. You can also access your Preferences by tapping on the 3 vertical dots in the right corner of your screen and tap on “Preferences.”

Assigning a Voice Assistant App to Edge Sense

Newer HTC U11s allow you to choose between using Google Assistant (OK Google) and Amazon’s Alexa. In addition, you can assign one of these voice assistants to your Edge Sense feature or change them back and forth as needed.

Step One – Access Settings Menu

To assign or change your assigned assistant app, you first have to access your Settings menu. From your Home screen, swipe up to access your general Settings menu. Tap on “Edge Sense.”

Step Two – Change Edge Sense Settings

Next, tap “Customize squeeze & hold action” or “Customize short squeeze action”. Choose the action that the default voice assistant is currently assigned to because that is the action you will be replacing.

After you choose the action, tap on “Launch default voice assistant” and then on “Assist app” to change it.

Step Three – Pick New Voice Assistant

Finally, choose your new voice assistant app that you want to link to Edge Sense. When you are done, tap “OK” to finalize your choice.

Final Thoughts

Google Assistant’s AI works organically. The more you use “OK Google,” the more it learns and caters to your preferences. So one of the best ways to get acclimated with the app is to use it and use it often.

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