Huawei P9 – Forgot PIN Password – What to Do?

PIN passwords, lock patterns, and fingerprint sensors are great tools to protect your phone from prying eyes and fingers. The fingerprint lock might be the most convenient, but a lot of people still prefer PIN passwords.

Huawei P9 - Forgot PIN Password - What to Do?

But what happens if you forget the PIN password? Well, you will lock yourself out of the phone. Luckily, there’s a way out. Continue reading to find out how to deal with this problem and regain control over your Huawei P9.

Do a Hard Reset

Performing a hard reset is not as difficult to do as its name suggests. Nevertheless, it wipes all the data from your phone and takes it back to the factory settings, so it’s important to do a backup before a hard reset.

1. Turn Your P9 Off

Press the Power button, then tap on Power Off on the screen. Select Touch to Power Off and wait for the screen to go black. (Yes, you need to tap the screen twice before powering off.)

2. Press Volume Up and Power

Press and hold the buttons simultaneously. Release the Power button when the Huawei logo appears.

3. EMUI (Recovery) Mode

Release the Volume Up button when you enter the EMUI mode and select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

4. Tap Yes to Confirm

This action initiates the hard reset. Now you have to wait for your phone to complete it. It might take a while, so be patient.

5. Reset the Phone

Once the phone reboots, log into your account and reset the phone from the previously backed up files.

Change the Password Remotely

Huawei lets you register your P9 at their website. If you register, you can use the Find My Mobile option to reset the PIN password. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to Huawei Website

Log in with your username and password, then use Find My Phone to temporarily reset your PIN.

2. Enter the New Temporary Password

Access your phone with the temporary PIN you’ve received.

3. Reset Your PIN

Take the following steps to create a new permanent password:

Menu Key > Settings > Location & Security > Set Up Screen Lock > Password

Tap Continue after you type in the new password. Enter the new PIN again and hit OK to confirm.

Note: Your Huawei P9 needs to be registered before you can use the Find My Phone option to reset it.

Forgot Pattern Lock

Pattern locks might be even more popular than PIN passwords, but this doesn’t make them less likely to forget. A forgotten pattern lock shouldn’t be a problem if you have a Google account on the phone.

Check out the two easy steps to get a new pattern lock:

1. Enter the Wrong Pattern Five Times

You need to wait for a minute, then tap Backup PIN and enter your password (hopefully you remember the PIN).

2. Create a New Pattern

Tap on the Pattern menu to create a new one, enter the desired pattern, and then hit OK.

To Wrap Up

Forgetting your PIN password is downright frustrating and you might need to wipe all your data to regain access. This is why it’s crucial to do regular backups and avoid losing your photos, apps, and all other precious files on your Huawei P9.

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