Huawei P9 – How to Screenshot

If you want to share your screen or save something to your phone for easier access, you can do so with the screenshot feature. Taking screenshots is easy on your Huawei P9 smartphone. Check out the steps below to start sharing your screenies today.

Huawei P9 - How to Screenshot

Step 1 – Set Up Your Screen

This may go without saying, but before you take your screenshot, make sure that you have the screen set up exactly how you want. That may mean centering your point of focus or closing other apps you do not want in the picture.

Step 2 – Take the Screenshot with Physical Buttons

To take a screenshot, just hold down the Volume Down button and Power button at the same time. Keep holding them until you hear a camera shutter sound.

Once you hear it, you can release the buttons because that sound confirms that your screen was captured. You should also see a notification pop up on your screen, displaying a thumbnail of your screenshot. You can tap on the notification to view your screenshot or you can access it from your Gallery.

This screenshot method works for most devices that are running Android 4.0 and up, so you can try it with your other Android-powered devices, too.

Step 3 – Take the Screenshot with a Double Knock

Alternatively, you can also use the “double knock” method to take screenshots on your Huawei P9. This will only work if you have motion control enabled on your phone. To turn it on, go to:

Settings > Smart Assistance > Motion Control > Double Touch

With this feature enabled, simply double-knock on the device screen any time you want to take a screenshot.

Taking a Scrolling Screenshot

You can also take scrolling screenshots with your Huawei P9 smartphone. These screenshots are capable of capturing entire pages and not just the part that’s displayed on your screen.

For example, if you want to share a long message thread with someone else, there’s no need to copy or break up individual screens. Just use a scrolling screenshot to take a photo of the entire conversation.

Please be aware that you need to use motion commands to do this, so make sure that they are enabled on your phone beforehand.

Step 1 – Set Up Screen

As with standard screenshots, you may want to make sure that your screen is clutter-free and set up the way you want. This may be especially important when doing scrolling screenshots because there may be some information or images off screen that you don’t want to be captured.

Step 2 – Take the Scrolling Screenshot

To take your screenshot, knock twice on your screen using your knuckle. Next, you should see Scrollshot in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Tap on this option and the screen will scroll down automatically. Alternatively, you can also draw the letter “S” with your knuckle on the device screen.

If you change your mind about scrolling mid-process, just touch the screen at any time. This will stop the automatic scroll feature and only capture the screen you were looking at before it started scrolling.

Final Thought

Taking screenshots on your Huawei P9 is as simple as pressing a few buttons. If you want to share longer message threads or photos, you also have that option with the scrolling screenshot. To access your screenshots, either tap on individual notifications or look for the screenshots in your Gallery.

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