iMac Pro: 32 GB, 64GB Or 128GB, How Much Memory Do You Need?

The iMac Pro is an all-in-one machine that comes with a Xeon W processor and can go up 18 cores. It can easily power through both multithreaded and single-threaded workflows and tasks. With this kind of power, it is currently Apple’s most prominent desktop computer.

iMac Pro: 32 GB, 64GB Or 128GB, How Much Memory Do You Need?

iMac Pro Review: A Gorgeous Beast

Apple, seeing that users will need options, offers a tremendous amount of RAM for the iMac pro with the baseline ships of 32GB, running a 2666MHz DDR4 ECC of RAM. Likewise, you can either upgrade to 128GB or 64GB when configuring your device. This configuration is the basically the only thing upgradable at this point. Currently, you’re limited to having the upgrades done at Apple Stores or via Authorized Resellers. Adding small components to something that has been packages so compactly like iMac Pro is complex and currently, only the official Apple Stores and Authorized resellers can upgrade them. Do not attempt to have it done elsewhere or to do it yourself, so as not to risk voiding the warranty.

Do you need help deciding how you will get you iMac pro configured? Whether you’re going to need 32GB, 64GB or 128GB, the type of user you are will basically determine the best configuration for you. Read on t1o find out which user category you will fall into.

Who Should Get A 32GB RAM On iMac Pro?

The 32GB iMac Pro’s price is currently at $4999. It comes with an 8-core processor and is currently iMac Pro’s configuration. Given the way that the Xeon W processor was built, it’s likely that we’re looking at four 8GB DDR4 stick. 32GB is suitable for majority of the mid-level multithreaded and single-threaded tasks that users would typically have. As you upgrade your RAM, you will be able to expect better performance from your iMac Pro. It will be able to breeze through multithreaded functions easier and faster the more powerful its RAM gets. 

The first level of upgrade is to a 64GB RAM, which would cost $800. This is the same price as upgrading from an 8-core to a 10-core processor. If your processor hasn’t been updated to a 10-core yet, it will be better if you will upgrade that first prior to upgrading the RAM. You will always be able to upgrade afterwards or any other time in the future. You will be able to maximize the potential of your iMac Pro more if your processor is up to par with the power of your RAM. 

Who Should Get A 64GB RAM On iMac Pro?

Majority of the iMac Pro users will enjoy the 64GB of RAM. This is upgrade will give users a remarkable improvement on an 8- or 10-core machine by doubling the initial configuration and supplying four 16GB sticks. The total of 64GB RAM will enable the iMac Pro to keep up with the 14-core model’s processing power. 

64GB of RAM will be suitable for those that plan to do advanced or intermediate video editing, development, applications for 2D or 3D graphics design work, or other mid-range pro tasks. You should consider upgrading to 128GB of RAM for your iMac Pro’s optimum performance if you are planning to run more advanced functions (such as massive multithreaded computing, 3D FX, or VR development).

Who Should Get A 128GB RAM On iMac Pro?

128GB is an outrageous amount of RAM based on the standards of most consumers. Only iMac pro offers this configuration and it is for a good reason. Only such a powerful processor like that of the 14 and 18 Core Xeon W can give this amount of RAM justice. It is basically the only reason you must get 128GB. You will have to upgrade your RAM alongside processor and video card upgrades if you want to push your iMac pro to the limit. This upgrade will allow a monstrous amount of data sets to the memory that they need to accurately compute in time and let you work on more projects and apps simultaneously. 

Consider 64GB RAM if you indeed want to increase the Apple’s 10-core to its max but don’t get 128GB unless you’re opting for the 14- or 18-core processor.

What RAM Will You Get For Your iMac Pro?

Which RAM configuration would you choose if you’re planning on purchasing an iMac Pro? Let us know in the comments.


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