Twitter clamps down on trolls and online abuse with new quality filter feature

Since the advent of social media, online abuse and harassment has seemingly been ever-increasing. After admitting it had done very little to curb online abuse, Twitter has taken aim at its undesirable users and is looking to block their contact with verified users.

While Twitter won’t be lifting its ban-hammer over the heads of trolls and abusers, it is rolling out a “Quality filter” feature to remove them from user’s timelines.

The new addition was first spotted by Anil Dash, and aims to curate your timeline to hide unwanted and abusive messages. According to Twitter, the filter “aims to remove all tweets from your notifications timeline that contain threats, offensive or abusive language, duplicate content or are sent from suspicious accounts.”

Currently this feature is only available for verified users, thanks in part to it using the similar “tailored” notifications feature that verified users already have. Judging from Twitter’s description of the service, we could also see the “Quality filter” helping remove messages from spam bots who always seem to have a great photo of you and a friend.

These new measures come after Twitter’s ban on revenge porn, and implementation of new reporting tools allowing for authorities to follow up on harassment claims more easily.

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