How to Find Your MAC Address on an iPad

In some organizations, companies, or institutions, closed Wi-Fi is standard. As such, the staff or students must provide their MAC address to access the network. This can be confusing, especially if you don’t know where the MAC address is located on your iPad.

How to Find Your MAC Address on an iPad

MAC stands for Media Access Control. All devices, iPads included, have unique MAC addresses to support internet connectivity and for identification. This article will explain how to find the MAC address on your iPad.

How to Find the MAC Address on iPad

If you need to locate the MAC address on your iPad for whatever reason, there are specific steps you need to follow:

  1. Open the “Settings” menu on your iPad.
  2. Navigate to the “General” option.
  3. Select “About.”
  4. Navigate to for the “caddress.” It should be next to Wi-Fi address. There’s also a Bluetooth MAC address next to the “Bluetooth” option.
  5. Long press the MAC address and “Copy” to make it easier to save or share it as needed.

Instead of copying the MAC address, you can take a screenshot instead.

  1. Press the power button and the home button simultaneously.
  2. The screen should flash white. A camera shutter sound tells you that screenshot was successfully taken. 

The screenshot can be accessed on the camera roll in your device.

Check Through the Router App

When the Wi-Fi router has an app dedicated to iOS, you can check the iPad MAC address using the app. Finding your MAC address with this method may differ as it’s dictated by the brand and model you’re using. The version, interface, and app design matter as well.

However, the information you need should be within the router apps management menu. You should look at all devices connected to the router and then pick iPad. Check the device information page to access the MAC address on the MAC address field. It consists of 12 alphanumeric characters.

If the iPad isn’t in the connected devices, disable iPad Wi-Fi and then reconnect. Check again. This could fix the issue. Make sure you’re using an updated app if the problem persists.

Access the MAC Address Through the Smart Home App

If you’ve linked your router to the smart home app, you can check the addresses of all devices connected to the router. Most smart home devices have an information section that displays the MAC address and IP address of the devices connected to the router. Go through the device management menu or settings of the smart home app.

Third-Party Apps

It’s also worth mentioning that Wi-Fi analyzer apps and network monitoring tools could be used to check the iPad MAC addresses. But with the introduction of iOS 11, third-party applications were blocked from accessing this information. This method is, therefore, considered obsolete for the purpose of this article.

Importance of MAC Address

The MAC address distinguishes users in a shared network. It’s hosted by the network internet controller or NIC on devices that are internet enabled. The chip is fixed on the iPad motherboard in the iPad.

When a public router is turned on, closed devices are located using their MAC addresses. As a result, if an iPad doesn’t have a MAC address, it can’t connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The MAC address is handy when specifying the devices allowed to join a closed shared network. A router can be configured to accept specific MAC IDs. If the MAC ID isn’t stored in the configuration memory, it’s rejected.

Even with companies setting up such protocols, some individuals try to find a way into the closed network. This is called spoofing. Some third-party spoofers can even change the MAC address. However, Apple ensures the MAC ID is private.


Can the MAC address be changed on iPad?

The MAC address can be cloned or changed on some computers. However, this isn’t possible on iPad. The number is embedded in the gadget and can’t be altered.

Is the Wi-Fi address and MAC address the same?

The Wi-Fi address and the MAC address are the same. However, on iPad, Bluetooth has a MAC address as well. The Wi-Fi address found on the iPad is considered to be a media access control (MAC) ID.

Can you have two devices bearing the same MAC address?

No, the MAC address is device unique. No two devices can have a similar MAC address at any one time and for any reason.

How many MAC addresses do devices have?

Typically, each device has a MAC address for every network connection interface. Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth each come with a unique MAC address.

Is the MAC address an IP address?

No. The MAC address remains constant despite the locations or network you’re using now. The IP address, on the other hand, changes with geolocation and network. Is the reason being, it’s an internet protocol.

Do I need to know my iPad MAC address?

You don’t need to know your iPad MAC address. It doesn’t have to be accessed regularly. The numbers are a simple way of identifying the local network of your device.

However, some people require extra security and must turn on MAC address filtering on their routers. If that’s the case, devices with a specific MAC address are allowed access. You must confirm the MAC address to be added to the filter list.

Access the MAC Address Conveniently on iPad

There are times when you need to know your MAC address on your iPad. Accessing it should be relatively simple, whether it’s a requirement at work, school, or for personal reasons. The MAC address is unique. As such, it should be kept private or only shared with people you trust. To keep your iPad MAC address private, avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi.

Have you ever attempted to find your iPad MAC address? If so, which method worked for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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