iPhone 7/7+ – How to Backup

You might be wondering what is the most effective way to back up your iPhone 7/7+. After all, there are quite a few ways to back up the data on your iOS smartphone.

iPhone 7/7+ - How to Backup

You can use iTunes or the iCloud service to have a completely customizable backup of any data you wish to save. On the other hand, there are some third-party apps that let you back up or transfer data to multiple devices at a time, but they usually have limited freemium options.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the two most popular methods to do a backup on your iPhone 7/7+.

Backup Using iTunes

1. Connect via USB Cable

Before you start the backup, your iPhone 7/7+ needs to be connected to your PC or Mac. Use a type-C USB cable and connect it to your computer. If you already have iTunes on your computer, it should launch as soon as the connection is made.

2. Click on Your Device

There is a small iPhone icon on the left-hand side in the upper iTunes bar. Click on this icon to enter the backup settings of your phone.

3. Select the Backup Option

The iTunes app lets you select different automatic backup options. The iCloud is turned on by default, but it will quickly use up your 5GB of free storage. You can thus select one of the other options.

This Computer

If you choose This Computer, all of your data will automatically be saved to the computer you are currently using. For some extra safety, it would be wise to keep the Encrypt iPhone Backup option checked, but you don’t have to do it.

Manually Backup and Restore

This option lets you perform a manual backup by clicking on the Back Up Now tab. It does a complete backup to the computer your iPhone is connected to. You can also restore the data from some of the previous backups, which comes in handy if you just got your iPhone 7/7+.

Backup Using iCloud

If you prefer to use cloud storage, you can easily backup your iPhone without connecting it to a computer. But bear in mind that once you run out of free space, you will have to purchase extra gigabytes.

Here is how to back up your data using iCloud:

1. Launch the Settings App

When you are inside the Settings app, tap on your Apple ID that is located at the very top.

2. Enter iCloud

Tap on iCloud in the Apple ID menu to enter the iCloud settings. You should toggle on all the apps you wish to associate with the iCloud backup.

3. Turn on iCloud Backup

You should swipe down in the iCloud menu to make sure the iCloud backup is turned on. Tap on iCloud Backup and toggle the switch on if it’s disabled.

4. Tap Back Up Now

The backup is initiated by tapping on the Back Up Now tab in the menu. Make sure you selected all the apps and data you want to backup before proceeding and then wait a few minutes until the process is complete. Also, it is important to have a stable internet connection while doing the iCloud backup.


iPhone backups usually take very little time and are the best way to secure and protect your data. They also allow you to easily restore all the settings from your old phone when you purchase a new iPhone. These are reasons enough to make regular backups part of your routine.

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