iPhone 7/7+ – How to Turn Off Autocorrect

The iPhone 7/7+ has quite an intuitive autocorrect software that comes in handy when you use the messaging app. The autocorrect can help you with spelling and dealing with typos. However, this feature does not always perform the way you expect. It might correct the words you don’t want to be corrected or place a completely wrong word in your sentence.

iPhone 7/7+ - How to Turn Off Autocorrect

The autocorrect feature on iPhone 7/7+ can be turned off quite easily. There are only a few steps you need to take to avoid the sometimes annoying interventions of this software.

1. Launch the Settings App

Unlock your iPhone 7/7+ and tap on the Settings app to launch it.

2. Go to General Menu

Once inside Settings, swipe down and tap to launch the General menu.


3. Launch Keyboard Options

When you enter the General menu, swipe down to Keyboard and tap to open.

4. Turn off Autocorrect

Inside the Keyboard menu, scroll down to Auto-Correction and toggle the switch off.

Additional Features

The iOS keyboard menu offers a few other features that can help you type faster or provide punctuation. Most of these features can be quite useful when you are texting. _However, some people prefer to keep them off. One way or the other, you can easily disable them by toggling off the switches next to each of the features.

Let’s have a quick overview of what these features actually do.

Text Replacement

The Text Replacement feature can be very useful if you need to type long words, email and web addresses, and even entire sentence over and over again. To save you the trouble, Text Replacement allows you to basically create keyboard shortcuts. You can easily determine the phrase you want the shortcut for.

Just enter Text Replacement, enter the phrase you want to be shortened, and type the desired shortcut. When you finish, tap Save and the shortcut will be ready for use.

One Handed Keyboard

The One Handed Keyboard is a neat little feature you may want to consider using. Namely, it allows you to get a smaller keyboard either on the left or the right side of the screen. This can be very helpful if you are using the iPhone 7+ because the phone might be too big for single-handed typing. Just enter the menu, select the preferred side, and you are good to go.


This feature is toggled on by default on your iPhone 7/7+. It basically makes the first letter of each sentence you type capital. This can be quite helpful since it saves you the time and trouble of having to manually capitalize initial words in a sentence.

Enable Caps Lock

Enable Caps Lock is a neat feature that lets you activate caps lock when you double tap on the shift key. When you no longer need the caps lock while texting, just tap once to disable it.

English Options

The English Options in the Keyboards menu allow you to have your spelling checked without any automatic corrections. This feature can also predict the text you are going to type and you can even dictate your messages. Predictive Text is quite interesting because the more you use it the better it becomes at guessing what you are going to type.

The Last Message

On your iPhone 7/7+, you are only just a few steps away from disabling Auto-Correction. Of course, you can always toggle it back on when needed. The other features that help you type are quite handy, though, so you may want to consider giving them a try.

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