iPhone 7/7+ -Wifi Not Working -What to Do

When the wifi isn’t working on your iPhone 7/7+, a lot of the smartphone’s functionality goes away. Of course, you can place calls and send/receive messages, but the internet-based apps most of us depend on become useless. Using your mobile data to access the Internet is helpful, but it can increase your monthly bill – and the coverage is not always that great.

iPhone 7/7+ -Wifi Not Working -What to Do

On the upside, the wifi problems you might be experiencing with your iPhone are easily solvable. Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to deal with the issue.

Resetting Wifi Connection

The easiest and probably the quickest way to tackle this problem is to reset the wifi connection on your phone. There are two ways to do it.

1. Use Control Center

The Control Center on your iPhone comes with a button that lets you easily turn the wifi on/off. This is what you need to do:

Bring up the Control Center

After you’ve unlocked the phone, swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen to bring up the menu.

Tap on the Wifi Icon

When you tap on the Wifi icon, the action temporarily disables the wireless connection.

Wait for a few Moments

After you have waited a little (30 seconds or so is just fine), tap on the Wifi icon again to enable the connection.

2. Use the Settings App

Launch the Settings App

When you get inside the Settings menu, tap on Wifi and toggle the switch off.

Wait for a Little

Waiting for a few seconds before you reconnect gives your phone a chance to search for the preferred network again. This is very useful in cases where there was a temporary glitch in the connection.

Forgetting Current Wifi Connection

If turning your wifi off and on doesn’t help, you should try to make your phone forget your current connection. Here is what you need to do:

1. Launch Settings

Tap on Wifi inside the Settings menu and select your current connection.

2. Tap Forget This Network

Once you complete this process, you can select the preferred network again and try to reconnect. Make sure to remember the wifi password because you’ll have to re-enter it after forgetting the network.

Try Restarting Your iPhone

Sometimes the simplest way to restore wifi is to restart your device. To restart your iPhone 7/7+, do the following:

1. Press and Hold Volume Down and Power Buttons

2. Wait Until the Apple Logo Appears

Release the buttons when you see the logo. Your iPhone 7/7+ will now reboot.

Test Your Network Connection

Sometimes connectivity problems might not be caused by your phone, which is why you should test your router to see if it’s working properly. Take the following steps:

1. Test Other Devices

If other wifi-enabled devices like your laptop or tablet cannot connect to the same network, then there might be some issue with the router. A simple solution would be to restart the router or turn it off and back on.

2. Contact Your Internet Provider

If there is still no wifi connection after you’ve successfully restarted your router, you should contact the internet provider. Either the problem is on their side or it’s time to get a new wifi router.


iPhones are not usually prone to wifi issues, but if you’ve tried everything and you still can’t connect, you should ask for professional help. The lack of wifi connection might be caused by some software or hardware problem, so if you fail to resolve it on your own, it might be best to go to a repair shop or an Apple Store and ask for help.

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