iPhone 8/8+ – How to Change Language

If you own an iPhone 8 or 8+, changing the language settings is simple, and you have a long list of languages and dialects to choose from.

iPhone 8/8+ - How to Change Language

How to Change the System Language

When you’re learning a new language, it helps to introduce it into your everyday routine. Changing the system language on your smartphone can provide you with an entertaining challenge. Follow these steps to change the language used by your iPhone’s OS:

  1. Select Settings (Tap on the gray cog icon on your app screen)
  2. Select General
  3. Go into Language & Region
  4. Tap on “iPhone Language”

Now, you can browse the list of languages Apple has on offer. Different dialects are listed as separate languages – for example, US English and UK English are separate options. Scroll down to the language you want to use, then tap on it.

Agree to Change the System Language on Your Phone

In the pop-up, confirm that you want to change the language. You can always switch your phone back to English by following the same steps.

These changes affect the language used by your smartphone, but they don’t impact the conversations you can have via text or social media.

Changing the Keyboard Language

You can keep your system language unchanged but add new characters to your keyboard. If you regularly have conversations in languages other than English, you need to know how to change the keyboard language setting.

  1. Start with Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Select Keyboard
  4. Tap on Keyboards
  5. Select Add New Keyboard

Now you can choose the language you want to add.

But how do you switch from one language to another during conversation? When you’re typing, your keyboard will feature a globe icon near the space bar. If you tap on the globe, the keyboard app will list all of the languages you have added. Tap on the one you need to type in.

Note on Changing Keyboards

The above method isn’t only for adding new languages. You can also change the keyboard app you use to type with. We particularly recommend the Gboard app, which offers some excellent predictive text options, including autocorrect in many different languages. If you like using GIFs to express yourself, this is definitely the best keyboard app for you.

How to Make Your Autocorrect Multilingual

If you use your iPhone 8/8+ for business conversations, it’s crucial to get the spelling right. Autocorrect can both speed up your typing and free you of embarrassing spelling mistakes. If you like, you can turn it on for every language that you type in.

To add a new language to your phone’s autocorrect, follow this path: Settings > General > Dictionary. Once again, you can browse the list of supported languages and choose the one you want. When you use the globe icon to switch to a new language during your conversations, the autocorrect function will adapt.

A Final Thought – Siri and Language

To change the languages used by your phone’s virtual assistant, go into Settings and then tap on Siri & Search. You can tap on Language to change the language Siri responds to, while the Siri Voice option can change the language and accent your assistant uses to speak. If you’re currently learning a second or third language, this gives you the perfect opportunity to practice speaking out loud.

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