iPhone X – How to Block Text Messages

Are you receiving unwanted text messages? There are plenty of ways to block messages for your iPhone X. Whether they are specific contacts or unknown spam messages, there is a solution that’s right for you.

iPhone X - How to Block Text Messages

Block a Text Using Messages App

If you want to block specific contacts or numbers in your Messages app, follow these simple steps.

Step 1 – Access Messages

First, go to the Messages app on your iPhone X.

Step 2 – Find the Number/Contact

Next, find the number or contact you want to block and tap on it. This will open up the message.

Step 3 – Block Messages

To block future messages from this contact or number, tap on the “i” information icon located in the top right corner of your screen.

Next, tap on the arrow to the right of the phone number. This will expand other options for this contact. Choose “Block This Caller” at the bottom of the screen and confirm this action when prompted.

Keep in mind, though, that blocking messages in this way adds the number or contact to your blocked list. That means that you won’t receive phone calls, messages, or FaceTime calls from them.

Block Text Messages via Settings

Alternatively, you can also use the Settings menu to block text messages.

Step 1 – Access the Settings App

First, access the Settings app from your Home screen. Go to Messages from the sub-menu and click on Blocked. This will bring up your list of blocked contacts.

Step 2 – Add New Block

From the Blocked sub-menu, choose Add New located at the bottom of the screen. Next, pick the contact you want to block messages from.

If you decide to unblock a contact’s messages in the future, simply swipe left across the contact. When given the option, tap Unblock to receive text messages from this contact again.

Block Text Messages from Unknown Numbers

Want to filter out text messages from unknown numbers? Use your iPhone X’s native features to block these messages.

Step 1 – Access Message Settings

Access your message settings from your Settings app.

Step 2 – Filter Unknown Senders

Next, go down to the Message Filtering section of the Messages menu. Toggle on the “Filter Unknown Senders” option in the menu. Doing this will turn off any future text notifications from unknown numbers.

Additionally, it will also sort these text messages into a separate list. This is convenient if you want to check the list for potential non-spam texts before blocking or deleting.

Reporting Spam Messages

If your main concern is spam messages, there is an easy way to block them on your iPhone X. Just click on Report Junk under a message from an unknown number. This information is reported back to Apple.

Reporting messages as junk, however, does not block text messages from the sender. To block future messages, you still need to add them to the block list.

Final Thought

If you’ve already added a contact or number to your blocked list for phone calls, you don’t need to do it separately for text messages. Blocking numbers and contacts applies to phone calls, text messages, and FaceTime.

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Eric Emde says:
I get unwanted text messages without a sending phone number just a long email address. Do I need to put the full email address in in order to block it? The “i” button shows their email address but doesn’t give me the option to block it.

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