iPhone X – How to Change Lock Screen

Tweaking the Lock screen settings on your iPhone X can be quite useful. For example, you can hide the notifications from the screen and get some extra safety in your personal and business correspondence.

iPhone X - How to Change Lock Screen

There are also those who wish to give the Lock screen a custom flair by setting up a picture of their loved ones. Either way, it is very easy to make the changes and customize the screen to your exact preferences.

The following write-up gives you some tried-and-tested methods to get the best out of the iPhone X Lock screen.

Turn Off Control Center

If you keep the Control Center turned on, anybody who gains access to your iPhone X can also have easy access to some of the settings. Many users thus prefer to keep the Control Center off for safety reasons. Here is how to do it:

1. Access Settings

Tap on the gear icon to access Settings and navigate to Face ID & Passcode.

2. Enter Face ID & Passcode

You’ll be asked to enter your passcode to get into the menu.

3. Toggle Off Control Center

Hit the button next to Control Center to disable it on your Lock screen. The option is located under “Allow Access When Locked”.

Disable Lock Screen Notifications

As hinted in the introduction, Lock screen notifications allow you to preview messages, emails, and schedule reminders. Admittedly, this feature can be quite useful, but if you are aiming for some extra safety, make sure to turn it off.

1. Go to Settings

Once you enter the Settings menu, swipe down and tap on Notifications for more actions.

2. Select the Notifications

You’ll be able to preview all the notification-enabled apps. Tap on any app and toggle off the button next to “Show on Lock Screen”.

Note: You need to repeat the process for every app you wish to stop displaying alerts on the Lock screen.

Change the Auto-Lock Time

By default, the Lock screen appears on your iPhone after two minutes of inactivity. You can, of course, lock the phone at any time, but if you leave the phone unattended, the two-minute lockdown might be too long.

1. Hit the Settings App

Under Settings, look for Display & Brightness and tap to open it.

2. Select Auto-Lock

Choose the preferred timing by tapping on one of the options. There is no reason not to choose the 30-second lockdown unless you really need the iPhone to stay unlocked for longer.

Get a New Wallpaper

One of the most popular ways to change your Lock screen is to change its wallpaper. Getting a new wallpaper is a walk in the park and here’s what you need to do:

1. Tap Settings

Select Wallpaper from the Settings menu and hit Choose a New Wallpaper.

2. Select the Wallpaper Type

There are four options to choose from. Dynamic wallpapers have a cool motion, Stills are regular HD images, and Live wallpapers animate when touched. Lastly, the Libraries option lets you choose an image from your Camera Roll.

3. Set the Image

Tap on an image to select it and scale to your preference, then hit Set and choose Set Lock Screen.

The Final Screen

It’s great that the iPhone X allows you to change the Lock screen settings to enhance its safety and appearance. With so many different options, the tweaks you’re going to use are a matter of personal preference.

How have you customized the Lock screen of your iPhone X? Let us know in the comments below.

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