iPhone X – How to Change Wallpaper

Do you still use the stock wallpaper on your iPhone X? Why have a boring phone when there are so many ways to customize the screen to your tastes?

iPhone X - How to Change Wallpaper

The iPhone X allows you to set your favorite photo as your wallpaper or change it to an image that reflects your passion or hobbies. You can give yourself a mid-day pick-me-up with a wallpaper that inspires you or makes you laugh every time you look at it.

Changing Your Wallpaper

Your iPhone X comes with numerous preinstalled wallpapers that you can choose from. To change your wallpaper, follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Access Wallpaper

First, go to your Settings menu and select Wallpaper. Here you’ll see all the existing wallpapers on your phone.

Step 2 – Choose Wallpaper

Next, tap on “Choose a New Wallpaper” to change either your Lock screen or Home screen wallpaper. You can also choose to change them both at the same time.

The native iPhone X wallpapers come in three categories: Dynamic, Still, and Live. Dynamic images display circles of different colors that float around the screen. If you don’t like the movement, you can choose Still images that are static.

Alternatively, you can also choose Live wallpaper. They are best used for Lock screens because they animate if you press on the screen hard.

Step 3 – Additional Wallpaper Formats

You have additional format options if you choose a Still or Live image. If you select either one, your phone will also give you the options of Still or Perspective formats.

The Still format will keep your image flat and static like a normal photo. On the other hand, the Perspective option moves slightly as you tilt your phone.

Step 4 – Finalize Your Selection

When you’re happy with the way your wallpaper looks, tap on Set. It’s located on the Wallpaper Preview screen.

Now you have to decide whether you want to set your new image as wallpaper for your Lock screen, Home screen, or both.

Using Your Own Image as Wallpaper

If you have a photo or image you’d rather use, setting it as your wallpaper is simple.

Step 1 – Access Wallpaper Menu

To set your image as your phone’s wallpaper, first access the Wallpaper menu. You can reach your wallpaper options from your Settings menu.

Step 2 – Select Your Image

In the wallpaper options, you will also see thumbnails of all your photos. Depending on where your images are stored on your phone, you may see categories like Camera Roll, Favorites, and Screenshots.

Swipe through your different photos to find the one you want to use. To set an image as your wallpaper, simply tap on it.

As with preinstalled wallpapers, you may also choose further options like Still or Perspective formats, move, or scale.

Step 3 – Finalizing Your Photo Wallpaper

Once you are satisfied with how your image looks, tap on Set. You can also choose where you want your wallpaper set: Lock screen, Home screen, or both.

Final Thought

If you don’t want to use stock iPhone images or your own photos, there are plenty of third-party apps for wallpapers. What’s more, many of these apps are free to download from the iTunes store.

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