iPhone X – How to Factory Reset

Sometimes smartphones get stuck or freeze and the only thing you can do is a hard reset. Master resets, or factory resets, are not to be taken lightly. However, sometimes they are the only solution to get your iPhone X working again.

iPhone X - How to Factory Reset

Check out these simple steps to restore your phone to its original factory settings.

Performing a Master or Factory Reset from Your Device

This is the most serious type of reset you can perform on your iPhone. So to make your life easier, be sure to backup your data prior to performing these steps. Otherwise, all your information will be lost forever.

Step 1 – Access Settings

First you need to access your Settings tab from the Home screen. Tap on General from the submenu and then go to Reset.


Step 2 – Erasing Everything

Next, you will erase everything from your phone. This includes all your settings, preferences, media, and messages. Make sure that your information is backed up to iCloud or iTunes before you start this step.

When you are ready, select “Erase All Content and Settings”. You may also be prompted to enter a passcode to continue this process. Confirm this action by tapping “Erase iPhone”.

The last step of your factory reset is to wait for your iPhone X to erase all your content, which could take several minutes. When the reset is finished, you can setup your iPhone X again. Opting to restore from a previous iOS during the setup application may save you some time.

Performing a Master or Factory Reset Using iTunes

An alternative way to do a factory reset is to use iTunes. Follow these simple steps to do a master reset using this app.

Step 1 – Connect Your Device

First, connect your iPhone X to your computer using a Lightning cable or the supplied USB cable. Open the iTunes app on your computer and wait for it to recognize your phone.

Step 2 – Use the Restore Option on iTunes

Next, select your iPhone from the iTunes list of devices. If you haven’t already backed up your information, take some time to back up your iPhone X to iTunes or to iCloud.

From there, click Restore to reset your phone. You may be prompted to confirm this action. If you are, go ahead and click on Restore again.

After you click on the Restore button, iTunes will download and install software as if it were a new device. When it’s done, you can set up your iPhone X again.

A Quick Tip About Resets

Sometimes a soft or hard reset is sufficient to help minor glitches and freezes you may experience on your iPhone X. Doing either one doesn’t affect your phone settings and information, so you may want to try these options first.

Final Thought

Doing a factory reset on your iPhone X erases everything from your device and resets it back to the way it was when you first opened the box. While this may be the optimal solution to different problems, you will lose all the information stored on your iPhone X. So make sure to back up all your data before doing a master reset.

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