iPhone X – How to Screenshot

Want to take a screenshot on your iPhone X? How about add drawings, text, or shapes to your screenshots? You can do that and more using easy commands for your phone.

iPhone X - How to Screenshot

Take a look below to find out how to take screenshots and learn about different editing options for your screenshots. Create and personalize your screenshots by following these simple steps.

Take a Screenshot

Taking a screenshot on your iPhone X may be a little different than your previous iPhone, but it’s still just as easy.

Step 1 – Arrange Your Screen

First, set up your photo. That means closing extra stuff you don’t want appearing in your screenshot.

Step 2 – Take Your Screenshot

When you are ready, press and hold the Side button on the right-hand side of your phone. You also need to immediately click on the Volume Up button, which is on the left-hand side of your phone.

You should hear the camera click sound. That’s how you know that your screenshot was taken and you can release the buttons.

Step 3 – Access Your Screenshot

Wonder where your screenshot went? You can see the thumbnail of it in the lower left-hand corner of your phone screen.

Tapping on the thumbnail will access the Markup feature. If you want to share it, you can press and hold the thumbnail. However, if you want to dismiss it, simply swipe left on the thumbnail.

Using Markup

Did you know that you can draw and edit your screenshots? You can magnify a certain part of a page, circle a map location, and more using the Markup feature on your iPhone.

Step 1 – Open Your Thumbnail Using Markup

To access Markup, tap on the thumbnail of your screenshot. The thumbnail should be in your screen corner on the lower left side.

Step 2 – Draw on Your Screen

Want to doodle, circle, or highlight a part of your screenshot? First, choose a tool. You have a choice of a pen, pencil, highlighter, or eraser. You can also choose a color by tapping on the circle.

From there, you are ready to draw. If you make a mistake or want to start over, you can undo or redo any marks by using the reverse action arrows.

Step 3 – Move Your Drawings

After you are done drawing on your screenshot, you can also move it by tapping on the Lasso tool. Next, draw a circle around the drawing or part you want to move and drag it to the desired location.

Step 4 – Advanced Markup Edits

You also have additional features in Markup like:

  • Enter text
  • Insert signature
  • Magnify
  • Insert shapes

To access any of these tools, tap on the circle with the plus sign inside.

Step 5 – Finishing Your Edit

You may also want to crop your screenshot before saving or sending it. To do so, simply locate the blue guides at the edges and corners and drag them to the size you want.

To share your screenshot, tap on the icon with the square and the arrow shooting out the top. Additionally, you can also tap “Done”. From there, choose whether you want to “Save to Photos” or “Delete Screenshot.”

Final Thought

Taking screenshots with your iPhone X is easy, but you should also take advantage of your screenshot editing options. After all, why share boring screenshots when you can use Markup to personalize them instead?

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