iPhone X – How to Use Slow Motion

Do you want to record a video that showcases a specific action or epic play in a sporting event? You can do that with your iPhone X’s Slo-mo feature.

iPhone X - How to Use Slow Motion

You can shoot video and edit slow motion videos using your phone’s native software. No additional third-party downloads are needed. To find out how, just follow the simple steps below.

Step 1 – Change Your Camera Settings

First you need to prep your camera. To do this, tap on the Camera icon from your Home screen. Scroll until you reach the “Record Slo-mo” setting.

You can also choose your preferred frame rate at this time. The iPhone X can record Slo-mo 1080p HD at 120 fps or 240 fps.

Step 2 – Record your Slo-Mo Video

Now that you’ve set up your camera, it’s time to start recording. Open your Camera app from your Home screen or using the Command Center. Alternatively, you could also swipe right twice from the default Photo mode.

This will bring you to the recording screen. Tap the red Record icon to begin recording and then tap it again later to stop.

Step 3 – Access Your Slo-Mo Video

When you need to access your Slo-mo video, you will find it in the album named “Slo-mo”. Go to your Photos and tap on Albums. Choose Slo-mo album to pick the video you want to view.

Editing Your Slow Motion Video

You don’t need to download an app to edit your videos. Your iPhone X has a simple editing tool to match your videos to your artistic vision.

Step 1 – Editing Your Video

From the album, tap the bottom-left corner of the video thumbnail. Choose Edit from the next window.

Use the Slow Motion Timeline Control to edit the field that slow motion will be played in the video. To edit, move the brackets toward or away from each other. This will shorten or lengthen the portion of the video will be played in slow motion. Any range outside the frame brackets will play at normal speed.

You can tell which parts are which by looking at the tick marks. The ones that are closer together are played at regular speed and the ones that are far apart are played at slow motion speed.

Step 2 – Preview and Revert

If you want to preview the video you just edited, tap on the play button on the thumbnail.

In case you don’t like the changes you just made, revert them by going back to the Edit window. Tapping on Revert located in the bottom right corner will undo your changes.

Step 3 – Save Your Edited Video

When you’re done making your edits, tap on “Done” and then “Save as New Clip” to exit the editing screen. Tapping this button will save your edited version to your Camera Roll. Rather than replacing your original, this edited version will be saved as a new video.

Final Thought

You can shoot and edit your slow motion videos using native features on your iPhone X. However, if you want more control over slow motion editing, there are also additional third-party apps that you can download.

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