How To Block Text Messages on the iPhone XR

Even if you prefer to use an instant messaging app, there are situations where you can’t avoid traditional texting. To make sure you don’t miss out on an important SMS, it’s a good idea to keep your inbox spam-free.

How To Block Text Messages on the iPhone XR

However, spam is becoming difficult to ignore. Even if you manage to block irritating acquaintances, you’ll still have to deal with marketing texts.

Sending promotional messages is a widely-used marketing strategy. Some spammers have access to a wide selection of numbers, which means that individual blocking isn’t always efficient.

Here is a quick guide for iPhone XR users who have to deal with unwanted texts.

How to Block Messages from a Specific Number

If you have received an unwanted message, follow these steps to block the sender:

  1. Open the Messages App
  2. Find the Message in Question
  3. In the Top-Right Corner, Select “Details”
  4. Select Information (The icon is the letter “i” in lowercase)
  5. Tap on Block This Caller

If you want to view your list of blocked senders, check under Settings > Messages > Blocked. You can add new numbers to this list when you view it.

How to Unblock a Sender

If circumstances changed and you want to remove someone from your blocklist, do the following:

  1. Open the Blocklist (Again, you should go into Settings > Messages > Blocked)
  2. Swipe Left Over the Contact That You Want to Unblock
  3. Tap “Unblock”

A Word on Spam

According to the Federal Trade Commission, text message spamming is illegal. These texts do more than just fill up your inbox. They may coax a reaction out of you.

Some users get tricked into revealing their personal information when they respond to spam. Unexpected expenses are a possibility too.

You can assume a text is spam if it offers a free gift, rather than just a service discount. Spam texts also tend to include odd URLs. Tapping on these could infect your phone with malware.

The best way to protect yourself from the effects of spam is to stay wary. But can you do anything to block these texts?

1. You Can Report Spam iMessages to Apple

iMessages is Apple’s messenger service. It lets you communicate with other Apple users via text, photos, and video messages. Some iPhone owners prefer this app to standard messaging.

When you receive an iMessage, you’ll have the option to report it as junk. Apple also sorts the messages you get from unknown senders into a separate tab.

2. Report Your Spammer to Your Carrier

Find out about the blocking options your carrier has to offer. There tends to be a limit on the number of senders you can block in a month. You can also report spam to your carrier, but this tends to yield slow results.

3. Download a Third-Party App

There are advanced message-blocking applications you can get for free. Some of these can filter messages by keywords, which means that you can get rid of promotional texts for good. Other apps keep a database of suspicious numbers.

A Final Word

From malicious spam to chain messages, junk texts are time-consuming and sometimes upsetting. You’ll find it easier to keep up with your inbox if you filter them out.

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