iPhone XR – How to Backup

There are many good reasons to back up your data to an external device.

iPhone XR - How to Backup

The iPhone XR comes with an advanced dual camera system equipped with facial detection. Between that and the gorgeous LCD display, this camera is an appealing option for photography enthusiasts. If you consider yourself to be a photographer, it’s crucial to back up your work regularly.

It is also important to keep copies of your contacts, downloads, and conversations. Some of this data is irretrievable. Additionally, you can save time by saving your apps and setting preferences. If you have to switch to a new phone for any reason, having backups at hand makes a world of difference.

How to Use iTunes to Create Backups

iTunes is one of the most convenient options for transferring files from an iPhone. All you need is a computer and a USB cable.

If you’re a PC user, start with downloading iTunes to your computer. You can get it for free from the Microsoft store. Simply click through to complete the installation.

Mac users can skip this step, as iTunes comes pre-installed on all Apple devices.

Once you have this app installed, you can begin to transfer your photos and other files.

1. Connect Your Phone to Your Computer with a USB Cord

The iPhone XR comes with a so-called lightning-to-USB cable. Unfortunately, you can’t use this to connect to type-C ports.

2. Open iTunes on Your Computer

It may open automatically when the phone connects.

3. Click on the iPhone Option in the Top-Right Corner

4. Click on “This Computer”

5. Under the Backups Column, Select “Back Up Now”

If you want to secure your personal data by using encryption, select Encrypt iPhone Backup. This option means that people using your computer won’t be able to open the backups without a password. Don’t skip this step if you have sensitive content on your phone.

There are a few other options you can check at this point. iTunes lets you manually choose which data you want to save. If you like, you can also select the automatic sync options. While these are turned on, backups will be created automatically, but your phone may slow down.

6. Select Back Up Now

Once you’ve chosen the right options for you, click this button on the right-hand side of the screen. Your backup will begin.

Backing Up to iCloud

Using iTunes is the best option for many iPhone XR users. You can perform this backup on a schedule and you’ll be sure that all your data is safe on your hard disk.

But when you have an Apple ID, you can also make use of their online storage service. To turn it on, go here:

Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups > iPhone XR

Browse iCloud’s backup options and see which data you want to save automatically. It might be a good idea to deselect large apps or videos, as iCloud comes with a size limitation of 5 GB.

A Final Word

The best way to back up your phone is to use both iTunes and iCloud. iCloud can automatically store your new photos, and you can use iTunes to back up bigger files. If you run out of space on your iCloud, there are other online storage options you can use.

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