iPhone XR – How to Use OK Google

If you want to use the best virtual assistant available, you should go for the Google Assistant.

iPhone XR - How to Use OK Google

At the moment, the Google Assistant is better than Siri, Alexa, and all its other competitors. Here’s what makes it stand out.

Every virtual assistant responds to voice commands, but the Google Assistant is the best at understanding context and making deductions. For example, if you tell this virtual assistant you’re hungry, it will find restaurants nearby.

The Google Assistant is intuitive and fun to use. You can direct it to perform complex tasks seamlessly. It’s better than Siri at answering trivia questions.

However, Siri is the virtual assistant that comes with your iPhone XR. So can you use the Google Assistant on this device?

Installing the Google Assistant on Your iPhone XR

At first, it wasn’t possible to use the Google Assistant on Apple products. But in the spring of 2017, Google released an app for iPhone users. You can download it in the iTunes store here.

This app is free to use. To install it, tap on GET in the app store, and then click through the installation process. You will need to enter your Apple ID password or provide some other form of authentication.

The Google Assistant app will request access to your contacts, location, and other data. You should also give it access to the microphone.

How to Access Your Google Assistant

How do you use this app after it’s installed?

To begin using your Google Assistant, you have to associate it with a Google account. The account you choose for this doesn’t necessarily have to be active.

If you’ve used the Google Assistant on Android devices in the past, you know that it responds to the verbal command “OK, Google”. But on your iPhone, this activation method doesn’t work. Instead, you’ll need to access the app by tapping on its icon.

In short, the OK Google command doesn’t work on the iPhone XR, but you can still use the assistant.

Ways to Use the Google Assistant

Once you open it, you can tap on the microphone icon to ask questions out loud. If you prefer, you can type them instead. Tap on the keyboard icon to select this option.

The Google Assistant responds to a wide variety of commands. You can use it for:

1. Keeping in Touch with People

You can use it to email a contact or update your social media.

2. Updating Your Schedule

For many people, the Google Assistant is primarily a tool used for scheduling. You can add new appointments to your schedule, specifying the time and date. It’s also a handy tool for making to-do lists or shopping lists.

3. Quick Access to Specific Facts

If you ask your Google Assistant a question, it will respond promptly and accurately. If your second question is connected to the first, you can leave out crucial keywords.

For example, you can ask “Where is the Eiffel Tower?” and get a response. Then, say “I want to see pictures”. The assistant will know that you’re looking for images of the Eiffel Tower.

A Final Word

It’s important to note that the Google Assistant is more efficient on an Android device than on an iPhone. For example, it can’t send text messages from your iPhone XR.

The best solution may be to combine your Google Assistant with Siri. You can use Siri to complete everyday tasks, while the Google Assistant is better for complex searches.

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