iPhone XS – Device is Charging Slow – What to Do

The charging time of your iPhone XS may depend on several factors. You need to think about the cable, adapter, or even the software you’re using. On the other hand, Apple claims that your battery should be at about 50% after charging for half an hour, but things may be a bit different in reality.

iPhone XS - Device is Charging Slow - What to Do

However, there is no need to stress over slow charging. The following write-up includes a few tips and tricks to help you at least get some satisfactory charging times.

iPhone XS Cable and Adapter

You probably know that your iPhone XS doesn’t actually come with the super-fast USB-C Lightning Cable and USB-C Power Adapter. So you shouldn’t expect ultra-fast charging time unless you upgrade to those optional accessories.

In any event, you can still get decent charging times with the USB cable that comes with your iPhone. But if you feel something’s off, take a closer look at the adapter and the cable. Inspect them for any visible flaws or damages and if possible, you can even do a charging test on another Apple device.

The test should give you a better idea if the problem lies with the cables and the adapter.

The Charging Source

Another reason for a slow-charging iPhone XS might be a low current source. iPhones require 5V voltage input for charging, but the current can vary – higher current means faster charging. The current coming out of an adapter can vary from 500mA to 2100mA.

The solution would be to get a faster charger. For example, the new USB-C Power Adapter delivers 2400mA.

Tip: Use a wall power outlet for faster charging (compared to laptop USB, for example). Try different outlets and see which one works the best for you and ensure the connections are snug.

Clean the Lightning Port

Your iPhone XS probably spends a lot of time in pockets, bags, and cute iPhone pouches. Therefore, the lightning port is likely to pick up dust, fluff, or lint and it could use some TLC. The only tools needed for the job are a toothpick and a steady hand.

Grab a toothpick and gently insert it into the lightning port at the bottom of your iPhone XS. Carefully move the toothpick around to remove the accumulated debris. Don’t go hard on the lightning port to avoid any potential damage.

Stop Background Downloads

Your iPhone XS has a feature called Background App Refresh. It actively looks for new app content even if you are not using the app. Disabling this feature may improve both your charging time and wifi connectivity. Here’s how to do it:

1. Launch Settings

Tap to open Settings and go into the General menu.

2. Swipe to Background App Refresh

Access Background App Refresh and turn the option off.

The Final Charge

Some users report alarmingly slow iPhone XS charging times but this does not apply as a general rule. The tips and tricks described in this write-up should help you get optimal charging, even if you don’t go for the upgraded charger.

How fast does your iPhone XS charge? Feel free to share a trick or two to make the charging faster in the comments section below.

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