iPhone XS – How to Change Lock Screen

Your iPhone’s lock screen has two different purposes. It blocks prying eyes and fingers from accessing the private content. Somewhat contradictorily, the lock screen also allows easy access to Camera (but not the photos), Control Center, and Siri.

iPhone XS - How to Change Lock Screen

To enhance the experience, you can personalize the lock screen on your iPhone XS. Many people prefer to set a picture of their loved ones, for example. There are a few different ways to customize the lock screen so feel free to check them out in the sections below.

Use Settings

Among the iPhone XS Settings is a Wallpaper menu that lets you select a bunch of different images and animations for your lock screen. Here’s how to utilize the menu to get a custom lock screen:

1. Go to Settings

Tap to open Settings and swipe to Wallpaper.

2. Hit Wallpaper

3. Select Wallpaper Type

You can choose three different types of wallpaper on your iPhone XS. So let’s take a closer look at each of them:


Stills are images that come from Apple’s gallery.


As the name suggests, live photos include a cool-looking animation when it’s touched.


iPhone XS comes with a better selection of dynamic wallpapers than the previous models. The signature moving bubbles are still there but the color gamut is much greater.

And you can always choose the photos that are in your Library.

1. Choose an Image

Tap an image and make adjustments to it. Pinch out to zoom and move the image around until you are happy with the appearance.

Tip: Use the Perspective option for a cool motion effect on the image as you move the iPhone.

2. Hit Set

Once you are happy with the new image, tap set and choose the Set Lock Screen option. You can also choose to have the same image on the home screen.

Other Lock Screen Changes

In addition, there are a couple of other lock screen tweaks that you might find useful. Here they are.

Turn off Control Center

You or anybody else can easily access Control Center from the lock screen, even when the iPhone is locked. To prevent others from tampering with it, take the following steps:

Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Enter Your Passcode > Control Center

The option to deactivate Control Center is under Allow Access When Locked. Scroll up to find it and tap on the button to toggle the option off.

Turn off Notifications

Notifications that show up on the lock screen can be quite useful. But what if they contain some private or confidential information? Well, you can turn them off and here’s how to do it:

Settings > Notifications > Choose an App > Show on Lock Screen

Tap on the button next to Show on Lock Screen to disable it. One downside is that you have to repeat the process for each app that you want to disable lock screen notification.


Personalizing the lock screen of your iPhone XS is plain sailing. And that’s not just pictures either. Care to share what kind of images do you prefer on your lock screen? Scroll down and you’ll see the comments.

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