iPhone XS – How to Clear Chrome and App Cache

As you surf the web, Chrome picks up different bits of data. It saves cookies, browsing history, passwords, and cached files and images. The same applies to most other web-based apps on your iPhone XS.

iPhone XS - How to Clear Chrome and App Cache

The cached data might speed things up but it is wise to clear them every now and again as a safety precaution. In addition, clearing the cache may help the apps run smoother and potentially prevent crashes. This write-up includes a step-by-step guide for you to have a cache-free iPhone XS in no time.

How to Clear Chrome

Chrome is one of the fastest and most intuitive smartphone browsers. However, most of the speed and intuition comes from the saved data, which can easily get out of hand. Here is how to get rid of it:

1. Launch Chrome

Tap on the app to open it and select More options (three horizontal dots) at the bottom left.

2. Access Settings

Swipe down until you reach Settings and tap on it to enter the menu.

3. Go to Privacy

Select the Privacy tab to reveal more actions.

4. Tap Clear Browsing Data

Select the type of data that you want to clear. There are five options to choose from and you can tick more than one.

Tip: You might want to keep Saved Passwords so you wouldn’t have to re-enter all your login info on Chrome. Consider if you still remember all your passwords.

5. Hit Clear Browsing Data

Tap on Clear Browsing Data to initiate the process, then tap on it again in the pop-up window to confirm.

6. Confirm Again

The last window that pops up informs you of the cleared data, just tap “Ok, got it” and you are all done.

How to Clear App Cache

There are a couple of ways to clear app cache on your iPhone XS so let’s take a look at them.

Restart Your iPhone XS

Restarting the iPhone is the quickest and easiest way to remove the accumulated app cache and this is how to do it:

1. Press a Combination of Buttons

Press and hold one of the volume rockers and the Power button on the opposite sides of your phone.

2. Power off

Release the buttons as soon as the Power slider appears and move the slider to the right to turn off the phone.

3. Turn on Your iPhone XS

Hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears, then release and wait for the phone to boot up.

Remove Apps

If the restart does not suffice, you can delete and reinstall apps to remove all the accumulated cache.

1. Go to Settings

Tap on Settings, then select General to access iPhone Storage. The storage holds all of the apps on your iPhone as well as the cached data.

2. Select an App

Browse for an app that you can delete and reinstall on your phone. A general rule of thumb is that apps which take up over 500MB can be reinstalled.

3. Delete the App

After deleting the app, go to App Store and reinstall it for a clean installation without any cache.


A simple restart is usually enough to remove the app cache that might be slowing down your iPhone. On the other hand, occasional Chrome cleanups are recommended to keep the app running smoothly.

If you have any other recommendations on how to remove the cache from iPhone XS, let us know in the comments section below.

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