iPhone XS – How to Screenshot

Screenshotting is among the most useful features on any iPhone, including the iPhone XS. In addition, the iOS software takes things one step further by allowing you to manipulate the screenshots in many different ways.

iPhone XS - How to Screenshot

The following write-up provides the instructions on how to take screenshots on iPhone XS. You will also get a better understanding of different screenshot editing options.

How to Screenshot on iPhone XS

Most hardcore iPhone fans enjoy the bigger screen real estate since there is no Home button. But the fact that the iPhone XS doesn’t have a Home button affects the way you take a screenshot on this smartphone. Take a look at how to do it on this iPhone:

1. Position the Screen

Before you actually take a screenshot, you need to make sure that the screen is showing everything that you want captured in the photo. Swipe up or down and reposition the screen until you are sure that the screen contains all the necessary information. Some applications even allow you to pinch out to zoom before taking a screenshot.

2. Snap the Shot

Once you are happy with the screen, you need to press the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously. When you successfully take the screenshot, the screen will blink and you will hear the shutter sound. The screenshot appears in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

3. Open Your Screenshot

The easiest way to get access to the screenshot is to tap on the thumbnail that appears on the screen after you’ve snapped it. In case you are not happy with the screenshot, you can always swipe left to dismiss it.

To access the shot from your phone, you can do the following:

Access Photos App > Screenshots Folder > Swipe to the Last Screenshot > Tap to Open

How to Manipulate Screenshots

As already mentioned, the iPhone gives you excellent opportunities to edit and manipulate your screenshots. Check out some of the options you can use to give your screenshots a personal touch:

1. Access the Desired Screenshot

Tap to open the screenshot from the thumbnail and the list of Instant Markup tools will appear below the image.

2. Select a Manipulation Tool

There is a selection of two different pens and one pencil that let you mark up the screenshot or just doodle on it. Tapping on the eraser deletes whatever you’ve written or marked on the image.

3. Use the Lasso Tool

If you want to rearrange the things that you’ve drawn on the screenshot, you can use the lasso tool. Tap on the lasso tool to activate it, draw a circle around the object that you want to move, and then drag it to the desired position.

How to Share Screenshots

The iOS software comes with comprehensive sharing options. You can share your screenshots directly from the thumbnail or from the Screenshots folder in the Photos app. Either way, just tap on the image to bring up the sharing icon that appears in the bottom-left corner. Then tap on the icon to access the sharing options.

Select one of the sharing options by tapping on it. You can also swipe left to reveal even more sharing features.

The Final Snap

You are always just a few steps away from creating cool and funny screenshots on your iPhone XS. The iOS software gives you almost unparalleled opportunities to natively manipulate the shots, so feel free to check them all out.

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