iPhone XS – How to Use OK Google

For a long time OK Google has been available only to Android users. As of recently, however, this voice-activated assistant is available on iOS, as well.

iPhone XS - How to Use OK Google

OK Google is an intuitive virtual assistant that can give Siri a real run for her money. Check out how to enable and install OK Google on your iPhone XS.

OK Google Requirements

There are a few basic requirements that you need to meet before you start using OK Google:

1. Updated iOS Software

Your iPhone needs to be running iOS 10 or higher. There is probably no need to update your iPhone XS, since it is one of the latest smartphone models.

2. Specific Language Preferences

The iPhone XS needs to be set to one of the languages OK Google can understand. English is, of course, the golden standard, but there are a few other languages that you can use. You can check the list of available languages on this link.

3. The Google Assistant App

OK Google cannot operate without the Google Assistant app, so you need to install it on your iPhone XS before you proceed.

How to Install the Google Assistant App

Like all other iOS applications, Google Assistant is easily installed on your iPhone XS. Here is what you need to do:

1. Launch the App Store

Once you enter the App Store, go to Search and type Google Assistant App. The app usually appears as the first or second hit in the search.

2. Tap on the App

Open the app to have a preview of its features and check if it is compatible with your device. It is worth noting that the app has 17+ age rating and might not install on your phone if you are younger. When you are ready to install, tap Get in the upper-right corner.

How to Use Google Assistant

Once the installation is complete, find the app on your phone and tap to enter it. Before you can use it, there are some additional settings that you need to apply:

1. Connect to Your Google Account

When you first launch the Google Assistant app, it will recognize your Google account and ask you to connect to it.

2. Select More

After you connect to a Google account, select More and choose whether you want to give Google additional access to your phone.

3. Finalize the Settings

When you choose the amount of information you would like to share with the app and tap Continue, your Google Assistant will launch immediately.

What Does OK Google Do for You?

Like all other virtual assistants, OK Google is very good at setting up appointments, placing calls, and keeping track of your schedule. There is also a way to unlock even more feature if you are willing to share more of your information with Google.

The thing that this assistant is particularly good at is answering strings of questions. You can basically ask OK Google multiple questions one after the other and it will provide accurate answers. The more you use the software, the better it will become at addressing your virtual assistant needs.


Compared to Apple’s Siri, OK Google provides a smoother, more streamlined operation. The software also pulls information from other Google services to deliver faster results and more accurate answers. Like all other virtual assistants, it is very easy to use, so you should give it a try for sure.

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