iPhone XS – How to Use Slow Motion

The slow motion feature lets you create uber-cool videos of memorable moments. These videos are a true Like-bite on social media and can give a special cinematic flair to your clips. The iPhone XS comes with a native slow motion feature that you can easily access from the Camera app.

iPhone XS - How to Use Slow Motion

Without much further ado, here is how to utilize the Slow-Mo feature on your iPhone XS.

Adjust the Camera Settings

Before you take a cool slow motion video, you need to make sure that the phone has just the right settings. There are two frame rates you can choose from 120 fps and 240 fps. If you go for the higher frame rate, you will get a smoother, more cinematic video, but it takes more memory on your iPhone as well.

Here is how to access the Camera Settings:

1. Launch the Settings App

Once inside the Settings app, swipe up until you reach the Camera tab, then tap to access the settings.

2. Tap Record Slo-mo

Tapping on this tab takes you to the frame rate settings. Simply select the frame rate that you desire, wait for the blue checkmark to appear next to it, and exit the settings.

Recording Slow Motion

After you’ve zeroed in on the desired camera settings, you can proceed to record the video. Here is how you can do it:

1. Launch the Camera App

There are two different ways to launch the camera app. You have to either tap on the app or swipe left on your screen while the phone is locked.

2. Choose the Slo-mo Option

iOS also gives you two ways to access the Slo-mo feature. You can use the capacitive screen and hard press onto the Camera app to make the selection. Alternatively, swiping right inside the Camera app also quickly takes you to the Slo-mo feature.

Once you are on the Slo-mo screen, tap on the Record button to start shooting and then tap again when you want to end the recording.

Accessing the Slow Motion Video

When you finish recording, you can immediately access your video by tapping on the thumbnail in the bottom-left corner. Alternatively, you can do the following:

Photos App > Slow-mo Folder > Tap to Choose the Video

How to Edit Slo-mo Videos on iPhone XS

One of the best iOS features is the option to natively edit your Slo-mo recordings, as well as any other video you create. This means that you don’t need to download or pay for third-party apps to get a perfect video to share with your friends. Follow the steps below to edit Slo-mo videos:

1. Select the Desired Video

Choose the slow-motion video that you wish to edit by tapping on it and select the edit option in the upper-right corner.

2. Cut and Adjust

The editing screen shows you two different timelines. The upper slider lets you fine-tune the slow motion interval in the video and the bottom one lets you cut the entire clip to size. You can always hit play for preview.

3. Tap Done

Once you are happy with the video, tap Done to save all your edits.


The iPhone’s native slow motion options give you excellent functionality and versatile features. If for any reason you don’t find them satisfying, you can always give some third-party apps a try.

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