iPhone XS Max – How to Back Up

Backing up your iPhone XS Max on a regular basis is very important, especially if you have some sensitive data on it. The backups keep your data safe and allow you to retrieve it should things go south and your phone breaks.

iPhone XS Max – How to Back Up

The two main ways to back up your XS Max involve using either iCloud or iTunes.

The iCloud Route

Apart from keeping your photos and documents, iCloud can also be used to back up your iPhone XS Max. Note that the default size of the storage allocated to each iCloud user is only 5GB and that it might be wise to invest into additional storage, especially if you plan on keeping the backup option active. iCloud lets you back up apps, games, videos, photos, call logs, and all other data. Here’s how it works:

1. You will need a stable Wi-Fi connection throughout the process to avoid data damage or loss, so first make sure that you have a good connection.

2. On the Home screen, tap the “Settings” app icon to open it.

3. Once the main screen of the app opens, you should tap on your Apple ID (it is located near the top of the screen). If needed, provide your credentials and sign in.

4. Next, find the “iCloud” tab on the main screen of your Apple ID and tap on it.

5. In this step, you should select the items that you want to back up to your iCloud storage by pressing the sliders next to them. To back up your contacts, tap “Merge” if your iPhone XS Max displays a prompt when you tap the slider next to “Contacts”. To back up your photos, tap on the slider next to “Photos” and tap “iCloud Photo Library”.

6. When you finish the selection process, scroll to the bottom of the list and tap the “iCloud Backup” tab.

7. Tap the “Back Up Now” button.

8. Optionally, you can toggle the “iCloud Backup” on or off on this screen.

The iTunes Route

Instead of iCloud, you can opt to back up your phone through iTunes. It is easy to do and completely free. With the help of iTunes, you will be able to save all your data to your PC or Mac. Compared to the iCloud route, you won’t have to purchase additional storage if you cross the 5GB threshold. Here’s how it works:

1. Install iTunes on your computer. Make sure it is the latest available version.

2. Connect your iPhone XS Max to the computer via the USB cable.

3. Once the phone is connected, you should launch the iTunes app.

4. Next, you should select your phone.

5. Tap the “Summary” tab in the menu on the left side of the screen.

6. After that, choose the backup options from the “Backups” menu. You can choose between the automatic and manual backup. In the “Automatic” section, you will get to choose between saving your data to iCloud and Computer. Choose “This computer” option. Also, it is recommended to tick the “Encrypt iPhone backup” box.

7. Click the “Back Up Now” button and wait for the process to end.

Final Thoughts

With your data safely backed up, you won’t have to worry about losing it should disaster strike. Whichever route you choose, make sure to keep the automatic backup option turned on.

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