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Modern business has changed fundamentally compared to what it was ten or twenty years ago. Looking at any company will tell you that. Flexible working isn’t just an emerging trend – for an increasing number of organisations, it’s the accepted norm.

Flexible working is an essential enabler of digital transformation. It allows your workforce to be more mobile, more agile and more productive, not to mention helping to improve your employees’ mood and morale. In order to successfully adopt flexible working, however, you need hardware that will support and facilitate your goals.

Enter the HP EliteBook x360.

This premium business hybrid is the perfect fit for the modern, flexible-first organisation, allowing staff to be maximally productive from any location and in any situation thanks to clever features, powerful hardware and a versatile design. The HP EliteBook x360 (powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor) is the ideal device to meet your workforce’s myriad needs, adapting to suit a range of different use-cases.

Scenario 1 – Client roadshows

Perhaps you have a full day of off-site meetings, visiting multiple clients, partners or suppliers. An entire day of back-to-back meetings without going back to base can prove to be a tricky prospect if you don’t have the right tech, but luckily the HP EliteBook x360 has you covered.

For your first meeting of the day – an informal sit-down over coffee – you can flip the device over into tent mode to smoothly and quickly run through your slide deck, then quickly switch to tablet mode so you can take notes in the taxi on the way to your next meeting.

Your next meeting’s a larger and more formal boardroom-based presentation, but don’t worry: the HP EliteBook X360 includes HDMI and USB-C ports, as well as Miracast support, so you’ll be fully equipped to present no matter what your client’s IT setup is.

You won’t need to worry about finding time to recharge, either, as the HP EliteBook X360’s all-day battery life can power you through a full working day away from your desk with juice to spare for catching up on your emails on the way home.

Scenario 2 – Multi-site remote working

For many workers, flexibility doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re constantly on the go. Instead, they need the ability to switch between a few different working environments without sacrificing productivity.

On the train into town or in the coffee shop in the morning, you can use laptop mode with its full-sized keyboard for working on documents and emails, before dropping into a client’s office or a co-working space to take advantage of a proper desk.

The HP EliteBook x360’s USB-C ports – including support for the Thunderbolt 3 standard – mean that one cable is all you need to plug in to have access to a wired internet connection, external devices like a mouse, keyboard and monitor and even power, so your laptop will be charged up for when it’s time to head home again.

When you do leave, the HP EliteBook x360’s stand mode combined with its high-definition screen (available with either a 1080p or 4K resolution) make it perfect for catching up on TV during the train ride home.

Scenario 3 – Creative campaigns

Of course, flexible working doesn’t just mean being flexible about where we work, but also how we work. Modern professionals often have to wear many different hats and juggle a number of different roles, and the technology they’re using should be able to keep up with them no matter what task they’re performing.

When working on creative campaigns and projects, you need to be ready whenever inspiration strikes, and the HP EliteBook x360’s tablet mode and Active Stylus support means that you can quickly draft ideas and create mocks wherever you are.

Tent mode is great for easily presenting your ideas to your colleagues in an informal scrum or huddle, and when you need to flesh them out into something that’s a bit more polished, you can use the powerful processing hardware to drive professional creative software and work up a finished proof.

The HP EliteBook x360 also takes the hassle out of the often-tedious process of client feedback and amends – high-speed networking support and fast SSD storage means no more waiting ages for large media files to finish uploading and downloading, so you can get approval and sign-off more quickly.

Scenario 4 – The ‘traditional’ office

Amidst all this excitement for remote working and the increased flexibility that devices like the HP EliteBook X360 can bring, it’s easy to overlook the fact that many employees may prefer the traditional way of working – coming into the office every day, sitting down at their desk and just getting on with their tasks.

If you’re one of these employees, don’t worry – the HP EliteBook x360 has your back as well. Unlike other ultraportables, it features a full-sized USB 3.1 port (with power delivery) meaning that you won’t have to mess about with dongles to connect external drives or other devices, and the one-cable USB-C connection means that you can connect to all the peripherals on your desk and be productive straight away.

You’ll be able to conduct remote client meetings from the comfort of your desk, too. The HP EliteBook x360’s 1080p webcam and Bang and Olufsen speakers mean that videoconferencing looks and sounds great, and integrated hotkeys for controlling calls.

All your data will be kept secure, too, whether you’re in the office, at home or travelling in between. The HP EliteBook x360 includes a fingerprint reader and an Intel RealSense camera for facial recognition, integrating with Windows Hello to offer swift, seamless login. It’s also got heaps of security and manageability features under the bonnet to ensure that both yours and your organisation’s information remains protected.

No matter how or where you work, the HP EliteBook x360 can keep you productive, creative, connected and secure.

Learn more about HP’s Elitebook x360 and why it’s the perfect convertible laptop.

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