Dialogue Flybook review

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The unusual layout puts the battery at the front of the chassis, which unfortunately pushes all the wired connections to the back. These include two USB 2, two mini-FireWire and a Type I/II PC Card slot. Still, a machine this light is hardly a chore to move round for access. A bigger issue for some will be the absence of a docking station.

Dialogue Flybook review

Build quality of the base section is solid, helped by compact dimensions that minimise flex. However, the screen is poorly protected. Ripples in the liquid crystals are severe when the back of the lid is pressed, and over time the internal pressure points will result in discoloured patches in the display if you regularly squash it in a full bag.

So the Flybook prompts an ambivalent response. The form factor is bang-on, and pen input and GPRS are incredibly useful additions to an ultraportable. However, the ageing Crusoe technology leaves it under-powered, and battery life and screen protection are disappointing. If you can live with the limitations, it may be just what you’re looking for, but we’re more eager to see what Dialogue comes up with next.

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