Samsung X50 HWM 760 review

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There are some negative points, though, and unfortunately they’re quite large ones. First, although it runs fairly quiet under intensive use, the base quickly heats up to an uncomfortable level: this may not be a suitable laptop in the literal sense of the word. And second, with all the fuss about the low weight of the X50, it’s disappointing that the supplied battery will give you only two hours, 15 minutes under light use, defeating much of the point of such portability. With an intensive use time of just one hour, nine minutes, it’s clear that all the power Samsung has crammed into the chassis is too much for the battery, and this will greatly reduce its appeal as a portable system.

Samsung X50 HWM 760 review

The X50 is a powerful machine for its size and weight, but with its major weaknesses of excessive heat and poor battery life – both vitally important for a portable laptop – it’s hard to recommend. If you’re willing to fork out £136 (from for a nine-cell battery, the X50 will serve you with grace and gusto; if not, it doesn’t cut the mustard as a portable, and if you plan to limit use to a desk there are more powerful systems available for the price.

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