Asus Lamborghini VX3 review

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Users who demand extra security will be heartened by the inclusion of a TPM chip and fingerprint reader, and there’s a Lamborghini Bluetooth mouse included that provides a bit of portable comfort – it’s certainly better than the trackpad and poor, unresponsive buttons.

Even the webcam is coated with Sapphire – allegedly the hardest natural substance aside from Diamond – for extra protection from scratches and knocks. Not that we’ve been inundated with tales of people scratching their non-Sapphire webcams recently.

Battery life, though, is one area where the powerful specification begins to have an unwelcome affect. The VX3 comes with a pair of batteries – a smaller 2,400mAh, three-cell model and a 7,800mAh, nine-cell pack that protrudes almost 4cm from the rear of the machine.

it_photo_5819The stamina of the long-life battery, though, pales in comparison to plenty of its rivals. While the VX3 lasted just under four and a half hours of light use, the superb Vaio TZ31 endured for almost twice this length of time, and the Dell Vostro 1310 managed five hours.

Under intensive use, the VX3 lasted almost three hours with the 7,800mAh battery, 45 minutes longer than the X300, and longer than the U2E. These figures were obtained with the extended 7800mAh battery, and a puny 2,400mAh is unlikely to add significantly to that, even if you are willing to carry it around with you.

And there’s one other stumbling block that may hinder the VX3: the price. Luxury evidently costs, because the £1,524 asking price of this laptop is far more than any of its rivals, bar the £1,700 – and brilliant – X300.

It’s worth weighing up, then, if the Lamborghini branding – and the superb specification – is worth paying extra for. There will be fans for whom the design and the impressive power will make that a yes, despite the price.

But if lightness and portability, instead of sheer performance, are priorities when buying an ultraportable – and we imagine they are for most consumers – then we’d forego the extra branding for an alternative, and potentially save some cash toward a real Lamborghini instead.

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